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  • 10 Best Tech Startups in Gujarat-2020

    Gujarat, a well-known landscape for handicrafts and traditional businesses looks strange to tech & tech-based startups? That is not the case, though this might be an assumption to most of us, it is just a fact that the state took a little longer to catch up with other metropolitan cities. Though today it is widely famous as one of the best performing startup state and one with the most proactive government for startups, the state still has a long way to go to compete with the leading hubs from the country and it is striving hard to scale its status with number of companies budding in the space. It has slowly geared and is catching up with tech trends in the rest of the country. With this, all the industries in the state are changing with every passing day. The mix and match of...

10 Best Tech Startups in Gujarat-2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Brevity Software Solutions Brevity Software Solutions Hardik Vyas, Director A center where imagination merges with high-end technologies to optimize the business importance in the international marketplace
EZee Technosys EZee Technosys Vipul Kapoor, Co-Founder, Hitesh Patel, MD & Co-Founder Offers a complete range of software solutions that addresses all requirements of the hospitality industry
Global Systems & Information Technology Global Systems & Information Technology Hitesh Chaturvedi, Partner Focuses on delivering high-quality output with diverse complementary services and industry-specific, tailor-made solutions through innovative technologies
LegalWiz.in LegalWiz.in Shrijay Sheth, Co-Founder Aims to fulfill various legal and regulatory requirements to provide quick and sustainable business growth add this in listing
Mindarray System Mindarray System Chetan Turakhia, COO, Amit Shingala, CEO & Co-Founder Industry's first IT ops solution that truly correlates the metric, flow and log events to turn them into actionable insights
NULL Innovation NULL Innovation Janak Patel & Rajesh Kumar Adla, Founders Provides a revolutionary IoT platform, designed to showcase accelerated development in everything around us
Phonon.io Phonon.io Ujwal Makhija & Pooja Makhija, Founders Solves the needs of large enterprises wanting to automate customer interactions over voice, SMS, Email by leveraging global AI platforms
TM Systems TM Systems Saumil Shah, Managing Director Caters to products that are customized based on its expertise including Web technologies AI/VR, Internet of things and other media platforms
VNJ Innovations VNJ Innovations Jigar Trivedi, Founder & CEO An organization dedicated to device efficient and ergonomic IT solutions for diverse process flows of different industries