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  • 10 Best Tech Startups in Kerala - 2020

    God's own country is undoubtedly a house for several innovative and unconventional brains. For years now, there has been a migration of people from the State to different parts of the world. Believing that this has resulted in a significant ‘brain drain' which, in turn, has affected the knowledge economy of Kerala, The Government of the state has identified several initiatives and policies to drive the ecosystem. The State is scaling with initiatives such as Young Innovators Programmes and Tinkering labs in schools to make sure that students from a very early age get exposed to entrepreneurial insights. The government of Kerala has set up a dedicated space for bringing up multiple sector incubators under one umbrella named as Kerala Technology Innovation Zone (in...

10 Best Tech Startups in Kerala - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bitdle Bitdle Abhimanyu S, CEO Creates virtual space technology to empower oneself and building virtual communities that allow users to interact with one another and many more
Causality Biomodels Causality Biomodels Jossin Antony, CEO Leverages transformative technologies in computer science as well as expert human curation to extract semantic information
Codebucket Solutions Codebucket Solutions Divyam Sharma, Founder Aims to bring innovation in technological solution sector and provide with customized solutions to clients belonging to various sectors such as Law, Logistics, Sales, Security, CMS
Fakeeh Technologies Fakeeh Technologies Ibad Khatib, Executive Director Provides integrated IT solutions to the healthcare industry and has strived to develop world-class software products specializing in healthcare
Inmakes Software Solutions Inmakes Software Solutions Rahul Ravi AR, CMO Empowers customers to reduce technology costs and improve on business metrics linked to technology
JOBOY JOBOY Jeevan K Varghese, Co-Founder A technology-agnostic on-demand service platform for anything and everything locally
SEQATO SEQATO Robin Panicker, Co-Founder & CEO Technology service provider in the IT/ITES sector, providing consultancy and development services to clients
Testing Mavens Testing Mavens Jayan Joseph, Co-Founder Focuses on providing software testing services, ranging from startups to enterprises to help them develop creative solutions for solving complex challenges using latest technology stack
Westghats Technologies Westghats Technologies Jyothis Indira Bhai, CEO A smart vision solutions provider focused on developing high performance edge computing solutions for artificial intelligence and computer vision