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    India has the second largest agricultural land area in the world and about 60 percent of rural Indian households earn their living through agriculture. Forming the very backbone of the economy and providing employment to a mass of our population, agriculture has been an area of focus for the country since years. One of the sector's major ally is the global and Indian food industry which grew at a CAGR of 16.4 percent from FY10 to FY18. India's agricultural exports reached $38.54 billion in FY19 and FY19. 20 (to November 2019) reached $22.69 billion. With many initiatives geared towards farmers, the government aims to double farmers' incomes by 2022. However, the agricultural sector in India has been facing a flurry of challenges such as the use of obsolete...

Top 10 Agtech startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AgNext AgNext Taranjeet Singh, Founder A fast-growing venture-funded company working on the intersection of hardware, software, and analytics for quality estimation in agriculture and food
Agril Mach Agril Mach SumitSwarnamaya, Founder, Padma Kumar Swain, Co-Founder/Strategic Analyst, Kishor Kumar Behera, Managing Director, Rajesh Kumar Giri, Director, HR & Finance A one-stop platform that renders solutions to agricultural machinery and tool pain points. Moreover, the company also works as the marketing strategist and analyst for different agricultural companies that want to grow their business
Aibono Aibono Vivek Rajkumar, Founder An AI powered Fresh Food Aggregator, pioneering the Seed-to-plateTM platform, a next generation disruption that synchronizes Real-time Production with Real-time Consumption of super perishable Fruits & Vegetables by using Predictive Analytics, Precision Farming, and Just-In-Time harvests
Beegle Agritech And Agriproducts Pvt. Ltd. Beegle Agritech And Agriproducts Pvt. Ltd. Havyas K S, CEO & Co-Founder, Nitin Singh, CTO & Co-Founder An agtech entity operating under two major brand lines Happening Farming, and Happening Hydroponics. The Happening Farming is the rental model for technologies like coffee harvester, plantation tools, and drones
Bijak Bijak Mahesh Jakhotia, Nukul Upadhye, Jitender Bedwal & Daya Rai, Co - Founder A B2B marketplace for suppliers and buyers across India's Agri value chain
Fasal Fasal Shailendra Tiwari, Founder An end-to-end farming app for horticulture farmers. Fasal lets users plan, monitor and analyze all activities on the farm in simple and intuitive way
Kalyya Farm Kalyya Farm Kamal Khubchandani, Director It is one vertical of the Khubchandani group. The group is venturing into different verticals like hospitality, real estate, dairy farming, manufacturing, etc
Neem Tree Agro Solutions Neem Tree Agro Solutions Paras Jain, Director & C.T.O A SaaS-based data-driven AgTech company that focuses on providing farmers with knowledge, technology, marketing, extension services, improved planning for enhanced quality and quantity of produce
One Basket One Basket Madhusudan Reddy Salla, Co- Founder An Agri technology company that enables farmers with seeds, farming technology and accountability to produce safe to eat food for everyone
Sacred River Agri Technologies Sacred River Agri Technologies Anshumali Dwivedi, Founder& MD An agtech firm benefitting small and marginal farmers in North India, through the use of high-quality farm inputs and offering free expert guidance that would not only increase the farm productivity but also improve their livelihood