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    In proportion to the report of Ministry of Food Processing Industry of India, the market volume of Dietary supplements in India is estimated at $3924.44 million in 2020 and the report further states that it will reach $10,198.57 million by the year 2026 with growth rate of 22 percent on the year. Owing to the Pandemic wave, the Indian consumers are observed with holding huge belief on immunity-boosting dietary supplements which led the significant shift of buying patterns in the marketplace. Identifying the market demand and potential, India is witnessing a surge in booming startups focused on Dietary supplements which are coming-up with innovative techniques to cater the diverse desires of health & wellness conscious consumers. With their novel products, services and approaches,...

Top 10 Dietary Supplements Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aster Veda Aster Veda Yatinder Bansal , Director Defining the science behind Veda, the company provides result-oriented supplements which are backed-up with scientific protocols. They offer products including Liposomal Vitamin C, Tocotrienols Vitamin E, Qunol Extra Strength, Vedic Mineral Zeolite Liquid and many other supplements
Avid Nutrilabs Avid Nutrilabs Sudesh Raj , Managing Director Holding passionate commitment to science & innovation, the company provides superior-quality nutrition supplements that deliver exceptional results. They offer products including Active Wellness Drink, Isotonic Sports Drink, Yosvita Nutrishake, Nutricoffee and so on
Corebolics Corebolics Satyavrat Pachisia , Founder Transfiguring the Indian dietary supplement industry, the company provides quality dynamic sports nutrition supplements. Their products comes under the categories of proteins, mass gainers, pre & post workout and so on
Halesaga Halesaga Harsh Pinjani , E-commerce Manager Striving to provide effectual & non-stop wellness without shifting the lifestyles and habits of people, the company provides FDA-approved dietary supplements. They offer products such as women protein powder, joint support supplement, collagen powder with natural biotin & vitamin C and so on
Muscle Max Sport Nutrition Muscle Max Sport Nutrition Manoj Kumar Goutam , Management Director To provide a best food supplement in Industry, the company provides range of unique & tasty food supplements. They offer nutrition-rich supplements including Max Carbo Blast Gainer, Max BCAA Powder, Jumbo Premium Mass Gainer, and Glutamine for Instant Muscle Recovery
Purna Gummies Purna Gummies Dr. Archana Gupta , Co-founder The dietary supplement market is experiencing a wave of transformative trends driven by increased health awareness. Consumers are increasingly seeking supplements to complement their nutritional needs, driven by factors such as busy lifestyles and wellness pursuits.
Promineral Promineral Sanat Garg , CEO Nurturing health and empowering lives, the company provides premium nutrition supplements. Top choices of their supplements are Advanced Biotin, Calcium Plus, Multivitamins for Her, Multivitamins for Him, Natural Ashwagandha and Ultra Omega-3
Resilience Nutrition Resilience Nutrition Uday B. Raut , Founder & CEO Bridging the gap in providing proper nutrition required for the body to fight diseases, the company provides natural and science-based dietary supplements. The top sellers from their catalogue are power play supplements for pre workout and SLIM FUEL effervescent tablets for weight loss
Right Human Nutrition Right Human Nutrition Shivangi Desai , Owner Discovering the true potential of health and wellness, the company provides quality supplements to build incredible strength. The top sellers from their catalogue are Whey Isolate Protein, Digestion Plus, Joint Plus, Liver Plus and Multi Vitamin tablets for men and women
Sova Health Sova Health Tanveer Singh , Co-Founder & CEO Offering microbiome-based testing, coaching and supplements, the firm provides personalised supplements for health conditions ranging from digestive issues to chronic and metabolic conditions. They also offer supplements for overall gut repair, IBS, weight loss, bloating, acidity and constipation