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  • 10 Best Video Production Startups - 2021

    India has witnessed a massive rise in terms of internet penetration and is today home to the second largest online population. With the digital wave well underway, the Indian population has largely gravitated towards video content format. This trend doesn't come as a surprise since the entire world is moving towards the video format. According to Cisco's visual networking index, video traffic is expected to quadruple by 2022, accounting for 82 percent of all IP traffic. The huge proliferation of smartphone devices coupled with faster internet connectivity is one of the primary reasons driving the video production sector. It is predicted that India will have 702 million smartphone users by 2020. Statistics from experts says that as many as 50 percent of video views aggregate to...

10 Best Video Production Startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Carrot Films Carrot Films Ashish Dutta, Director A non-fiction production house creating a gamut of films that covers Corporate films, Advocacy and Developmental AVs, Tourism films and Award- winning documentaries.
Elvessy Films Elvessy Films Don Philip Antony, Director & Founder A team of experienced feature film makers, story tellers and designers bridging the communication gap between business and their users through meaningful cinema-grade videos and creative innovations.
FlipBook Films FlipBook Films Srinivas Shanmugam, Founder Earlier known as Kraftworks, FlipBook is one of South-India's leading film production and editing firm
Garage Productions Garage Productions Saurabh Prakash Gupta, Founder A full capacity production house producing Short Films, Documentaries, Adverts and Tv shows
Happy Making Films Happy Making Films Ashish Bhatia, Founder & Producer Transforming ideas and thoughts into compelling stories hmf translates ideas and thoughts into visual delights.
Razzmatazz Films Razzmatazz Films Subroto Mazumder, CEO A specialist firm in film production with over two decades of experience
Skittles Productions Skittles Productions Gursimran Jassal, Co-Founder A video production company that transforms brand and business directives into compelling film work
The Visual House The Visual House Deepmala, CEO & Founder A video production house that aims for acme of creativity in each of its service offerings and has sheer innovation mark out its production
VidPaq VidPaq Hyder Ali, CEO & CMO A video production firm that specializes in making explainer videos for varied businesses
Warewolf Films Warewolf Films Aashish Sachdeva, Founder A one stop solution providers for corporate, individuals and film producers where we develop an innovative video and market, advertise the same to the right niche