• Caim By Arelang: India's First CandyCeuticals Company Offering Nutraceuticals in Irresistibly Tasty Treats
  • 10 Best Women-Owned Startups from Maharashtra - 2024

    Women Entrepreneurship: A New Dawn Of Breaking Stereotypes & Transforming Societies India is still living with its patriarchal society with the conservative minds where women are denied of their rights and basic services such as health education and sexuality, which they deserve just like their male counterparts enjoying the virtue of their gender. Through the passing decades women have been withstanding unbearable pain in the shadow of religion and customs. Women are the creator of this world but still, 21st century women are shackled to the four walls of their household. Half of the population of our country is women but unfortunately, they don’t get the same opportunity of getting educated and uplift their destiny and as a result, they are the unsung victims in the...

10 Best Women-Owned Startups from Maharashtra - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Caim By Arelang Caim By Arelang Nikita Naterwalla, Founder Transforming the way we eat nutraceutical supplements, the company provides quality Nutraceuticals in the form of delicious low-calorie & sugar-free confectionery. They offer products under diverse categories such as men’s health, women's health, hair, immunity, sleep, and many more
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amrusha Jain Amrusha Jain Amrusha Jain , Founder Creating captivating luxury residential & commercial spaces, the company delivers exceptional and diverse interior design solutions and services such as interior architecture, furniture design, lighting, graphic design, home styling, crafting functional living spaces, and so on
CITTA CITTA Akanksha Sharma , Co-Founder & CEO Understanding the customs, rituals & practices followed across the nation backed by extensive research, the company provides effective & safe natural skincare products for babies & kids. They offer products such as natural baby balm, baby massage oil, soothing talc free baby powder, complete natural baby care set, and more
Diam Beauty Diam Beauty Jhalak Shah , Founder Taking up the Indian weather & its effect on makeup wearability, the company develops sweat-proof & humidity-resistant make-up products. They offer products such as love potion lip oil, glass tint balm, liquid highlighter, cheeky affair liquid blush, mattenificent liquid lipstick, and so on
Elixir Wellness Elixir Wellness Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, Founder & CEO Pioneering the innovative blend of health, wellness & beauty, the company delivers cutting-edge & effective treatments for both inner health & outer beauty. They offer IV infusions, whole body cryotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, medical cupping, nutrigenomics, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and other treatment
Green Protein Green Protein Madhvi Datwani , Founder & CEO Focusing on mindfulness while being adjusted to get-up a fast paced lifestyle, the company offers products that is nutritional, refreshing & delicious. They offer healthy protein packs with fruity-blended flavors & recipes such as mango pudding, banana, cinnamon oats, vanilla snack balls, no bake vegan cheese cake, carrot & mocha protein balls, and many varieties
Jump Jump Niharika Chugh Vali, Founder Endeavouring to create an intersection of child like fantasy & real life skills, the company acts as a thought-out play & learning destination for kids. Their unique play & learning offerings includes fabric & yarn, sewing machine, designing blazer, security screening, paperwork, hair styling, pedicures, and more
Kaash Kaash Kanish Sanghvi & Khushboo Jeswani , Co-Founders Uncovering the unique fashion identity with their trendsetting designs, the company acts as endeavouring clothing brand. They offer clothing essentials that resonates with comfort designs under diverse collections such as regular fits, oversized tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, crop tops, and many other designs too
Kalavati Eco Bags Kalavati Eco Bags Priyanka Bagde, Co-Founder Empowering people to be part of solution to eliminate pollution, the company manufactures eco-friendly & sustainable bags. They offer sustainable products such as cotton bags, jute bags, non woven bags, foldable bags, recycled bags & many more varieties
KAOAPH KAOAPH Rudrali Gupta, Founder & Creative Head Restructuring the style aesthetics with classic & timeless designs to pushing the boundaries of jewellery, the company acts as a luxury modern jewellery brand. They provide highly fashionable & meticulously crafted jewellery such as bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and more