Agetech Start-up Ivory focused in brain health bags $ 500K

An Agetech startup specializing in brain health, Ivory has raised $500,000 in a funding round led by early-stage VC fund - Capital A TDV Partners (Ujwal Sutaria). The Funding round also saw participation from several notable angel investors including Abhishek Kabra (MD, Samara Capital), Tushar Vashisht (Co-Founder and CEO, HealthifyMe), Abhishek Ganguly (Co-Founder and CEO, Agilitas Sports) and Rajeev Singh (VP, SAP India).

By means of this round of funding, Ivory intends to enlarge its reach to over 15 million elderly Indians at risk of dementia, marking a crucial stride in the largely unaddressed domain of neurowellness.

Speaking to this, Issac John, Founder & CEO, Ivory states, “With this fund raise, our aim is to bridge these gaps by offering a tech-driven platform for health care that makes clinical tools and expertise for better brain health accessible to millions of Indians".

Ivory adds, "Historically, there has been insufficient attention and understanding of Dementia, especially in India. The lack of symptom identification tools combined with scant access to high-quality neurological advice at the right time makes this a pressing problem for every Indian household with an aging parent. Urban seniors, particularly those living alone, face challenges in monitoring cognitive health, exacerbated by pandemic-induced isolation."

At the same time, Rahul Krishnan, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer says, "At Ivory, we're developing a pioneering platform dedicated to the cognitive wellness of seniors and cultivating healthy brain habits,”

Also he adds, “Ivory offers a diverse range of interactive content, social games, neuroscience-backed assessments, and comprehensive wellness programs aimed at enhancing cognitive well-being and mitigating the risk of brain-related ailments such as dementia”.