Easy to Pitch Garners INR 10 Million from Venture Catalysts

Easy to Pitch, a leading one-stop pitching solution that prepares start-ups to pitch and investors, recently garnered INR 10 million in a pre-seed capital round headed by Venture Catalysts, with cooperation from JPIN Venture Catalysts UK. The funding will be used to develop a new SaaS-based solution, according to the business.

As part of the fundraising round, Easy to Pitch will be integrated into the Venture Catalyst Group for their worldwide development goals in order to satisfy the needs of startups seeking to become fundable using technology.

Founder Priyanka Madnani commented on the fundraise, “our alliance with Venture Catalysts is not just an investment but a strategic association for our growth plans. This association would majorly help us expand our domain and serve entrepreneurs globally with our SaaS platform. Our ideal goal is to be the one-stop solution for entrepreneurs throughout their investment journey and make them pitch ready.”

Easy to Pitch was founded in 2019 by two ace entrepreneurs, Priyanka Madnani and Nikhil Parmar, and focuses on the holistic growth of the ecosystem's founders and start-ups to make them pitch-ready and readily fundable. In addition, the company will build India's first SAAS-based platform, which will serve startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world. It is built on a subscription-based business model that assists entrepreneurs in proving their company concepts and helps different stage companies.

It also assists companies in developing a product roadmap that allows investors to better comprehend their company journey. Its AI-powered tools also aid the entrepreneurs in determining the financial worth of their company. It gives consumers access to Easy to Pitch's expert review process as well as ready-to-use templates for creating gorgeous pitch decks.

Dr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, President and Co-founder of Venture Catalysts, was impressed with Easy to Pitch's business approach said, ‘’new start-ups getting off the ground around the world every day and they need support to thrive and come out as the next unicorn. The Indian start-up ecosystem is nothing short of a revolution with $106-billion worth of value-creation by 44 unicorns. Today, India is the third-largest start-up ecosystem globally with more than 15,000 start-ups established in 2020, up from 5000 in 2010. Seeing the colossal rise in entrepreneurs, the market size for Easy to Pitch shows great potential. Technology has played a key role in the making of pioneer business models. Their SaaS-based and AI-powered platform will not just make businesses in the market fundable but will also help in their growth collaterals.”

Based on extensive industry study and consideration, Easy to Pitch focuses on providing personalised services to fulfil the different demands of the entrepreneurs. It aids them in the development of Pitch Decks, Investment Decks, Business Plans, Financial Valuations, and Founder Grooming in order to engage with possible investors.

The platform is supported by a strong staff of seasoned professionals that help company entrepreneurs overcome stumbling blocks throughout their fundraising efforts. In a short period of time, the startup is predicted to generate a turnover of 2 crores in FY 2021-22, representing a 100 percent year-over-year increase. It has also helped over 5000 start-ups and examined over 7000 business and investment decks.