English Tutoring Startup Clapingo lifts Unrevealed Capital in Pre-series A

A personalized and on-demand English tutoring platform Clapingo has successfully closed its Pre-series A round by clocking an undisclosed capital from notable investors such as Sandeep Aggarwal - Droom and Shopclues, Biswa Kalyan Rath - comedian and writer, Foundership HQ and Appurv Gupta - comedian and satirist.

The fresh funds from the funding round augments the products of Clapingo, especially to develop the fluency report system on the inventive platform and make sure the users obtain with quick and clear-cut feedback.

As per the company’s official statement, the raised funds will also be infused in the marketing activities to grab the attention from more users that expands the user base pointedly and drives the impact of the company in the marketplace.

Established in 2021 by Abhishek KG and Sameer Agrawal, Clapingo is an innovative English learning platform offering a healthy and assisted ground for practice and indispensable for achieving success in professional life in various landscapes of linguistics.

Presenting a tutor-driven and peer-driven models, Clapingo favilitates the learners to interact and practice with each other using an AI-driven teaching models and assistants for a fee of Rs. 999 per month.

At present, Clapingo is operating in India and the Middle East, privileges to have attained probably Rs. 1.5 crore in revenue generation in the year 2021, Rs. 8 crore in 2022 and Rs. 14 crore in 2023. Now this year, Clapingo is targeting to achieve Rs. 80 crore in revenue.