5 Characteristics of Women Entrepreneurs!

By Aparna RoyIn recent years, Indian society has witnessed a sudden upsurge in women entrepreneurship. They have actively indulged themselves in the socio-economic, commerce and trade realms, proving the nation that they have the potential to establish dominion over the business world as well.

It is quite fascinating to learn that women entrepreneurship is not a new concept. It existed in the early society also but was overlooked. It began to receive attention in the 1980s when various government and private organizations composed policies and programmes to help these aspirants to achieve their goals. Making utmost use of these programmes many women stepped into new ventures and rejoiced the essence of being an entrepreneur. If we go by statistics, about sixty-nine per cent of women in India has espoused entrepreneurship in the last few years. They are coming up with beneficial business ideas which are earning them financial and social independence.

But as we all know, nothing comes so easily! Establishing oneself as an entrepreneur is not an easy piece of cake. Women are undertaking multifarious risks, addressing challenges and tackling barriers to launch themselves as propitious businesswomen and generate weighty solutions.

Becoming an entrepreneur is no doubt taxing but is not an impossible task. Like any other artist, a woman needs to have some simple yet salient characteristics and skills to lead a venture and built empires.
Lets us take a look at the attributes women should possess to define themselves as entrepreneurs.


This is like the most essential ingredient needed. If a woman lacks courage, she can never be able to voice or execute her ideas and schemes. Unfortunately, all the dreams and aspiration shall perish if a woman lacks this characteristic. So get your courage to win the world.


Not necessary that a person has to build a rocket or satellite to be a visionary or innovative. Creativity can be as simple as baking a cake. What matters is how creatively as per approaches the innovative ideas. As an entrepreneur, everyone has to have a clear vision of the ideas, schemes, requirements and so and so forth.


Hard work is the key to success. Without working hard it is not possible to erect an enterprise. However, every woman innovator should have the potential to put great effort to be successful in business.

Every women entrepreneur should have sheer determination and grit to succeed. They may encounter many challenges, hundreds of flaws and drawbacks in their entrepreneurial journey. So it is important that women stay focused and determined, this will keep them going and severing all the stumbling blocks.


No matter what domain a woman is venturing in, she has to take the risk. No one knows what the future holds. The venture may be successful or may not. The only way to know the destiny one has to take the risk of blindly advancing to paths unknown.

Hence, it will not be wrong to state that women are born with these characteristics. Every woman has entrepreneurial potentials as handling a house and family is no less than structuring a business. What all a woman needs is a productive idea and self-belief.