Generative AI Catalyzing the Startup Realm to Powerful Titan

When the world is already frozen with the strides of immersive technologies and solutions, a split-set of Artificial intelligence – Generative AI is deported to transform the startups existence with profound impacts. In the sphere of Gen-AI, the algorithms of AI paints, builds, designs, ideates and renovates our raw imaginations into symphony of innovations. From crafting content to establishing human-like interactions using chat bots, Gen AI is being an unsung front-line to propel the functionalities of startups. This innovative technology is illuminating incredible ways to foster the startups at all verticals and empowering them with competitive advantages in ever-evolving marketplace.

This article elaborates about the exciting technology of Generative AI and its unwavering inputs to startups landscape.

Use cases of Gen-AI in startups: The role of Generative AI in budding startups is multifold. It is serving as a catalyst for bringing innovation and efficiency in startups from all domains. Startups in healthcare leverages Generative AI to provide accurate diagnosis reports and assists the healthcare professionals to take informed decisions. They utilize AI to get real-time information from users and interact efficiently. This streamlines the process of connecting the Pharmacies with users for timely delivery of medicines. Also AI with deep learning algorithm is used to interpret radiology scans and detect diseases easily. A famous health care platform HealthifyMe develops a generative AI assistant named Ria to interact with their users in 10+ languages and suggest dietary recipes.

"Generative AI is rewriting the rules of conventional technologies & innovations by turning aspirations into algorithms and dreams into data"

A familiar tool of Generative AI, ChatGPT is used for myriad of tasks. The creative abilities of chatbot ChatGPT greatly helps to understand complex concepts easily in detail. Startup widely use this automated robotic chatbot to enhance the customer experience to next level as it provides accurate insights about products, services and marketing strategies. Product designing startups are using Gen-AI to facilitate robust prototyping and create personalized defect-free designs which aligns with current market demands.

In the landscape of logistics and freight forwarding, startups use to analyze vast amount of data & information to streamline the supply chain process. It optimizes the transportation operations by suggesting the substantial factors such as weather, traffic, accessibility and maps, thereby avoiding unnecessary transportation expenses. Pickrr, a Gurugram-based logistic startup prominently harnesses the power of AI to provide tech driven value added solutions and allows their customers to track the real-time information on inventories.

Fashion designing startups are leveraging Generative AI as a specific tool to optimize the creative fashion designs. It determines the customers’ desires using machine learning and probabilistic program codes to generate tailored designs that attract the targeted audiences. A Chennai-based fashion brand startup Ordrobe uses Generative AI to streamline and generate exclusive designs to replicate the customers’ preferences. With the advent AI technology, the "OR-Tist" feature in their website displays imaginative designs & enables the users find clothing based on desired size and shape.

The amplifying use cases of generative AI is not limited to any industries. It fosters innovation in startups with diverse possibilities that ensure viability and development in competitive market landscape. To make it more detailed and informative, I have listed a few most recent, innovative & ground-breaking startups powered by Generative AI in India.

Novel Startups in India Powered by Generative AI:

Mockey: Based in Lucknow, Mockey was founded in 2020 by Mofid Ansari and Pranay Agarwal. It is an AI led Mockup generating startup with a team of designers, developers and marketers. They make people to access the AI-led and quality mockups for transforming their creativity into reality. Using the Mockey online mockup generator, users can create attractive and effective mock ups for their Apparels, Home-living products, Tech-based products & accessories. People can download high resolution images for any purposes especially the platform is highly beneficial for online e-commerce stores and D2C businesses. Mockey allows us to create 1000+ mockups by uploading our images in JPG and PNG format thereby we can get professional mockup images, all at free cost. Get your premium and professional mockup images for free at Mockey’s AI-powered Mockup Generator

SVAYO by Infinitied Labs: Founded in 2019 by Deepak Thomas, the Bengaluru-based innovative startup is powered with generative AI and smart salon marketplace. This startup reimagining the salon styling experiences with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Onset of advanced AI, the app-based platform SVAYO allows the users to experiment the hairstyles and makeovers by enabling them to use virtual try-ons. After deciding the perfect hairstyle for individuals, it recommends best salons and stylists nearby. Even it books an appointment for makeover at one click in our mobile phone based on preferable time & location. Find your free AI-power-driven hairstyle and stylists in SVAYO app that recommends you best styles & services matching to your selfie Located in Bengaluru, is an AI-powered synthetic video creation platform founded by three dynamic leaders, Ashray Malhotra, Nisheeth Lahoti, & Shivam Mangla in 2019. Using cutting-edge technology, the company assists the businesses to create real-time video to transform their communication standards with targeted audiences. The platform enables the users to develop expert alike videos with custom-made digital avatars easily. They turn the communication more effective with personalized and sensible video messages. The startup leverages the Generative AI for employee management services to ease the process of creating personalized videos and sends the greetings, appraisals, company updates and birthday wishes to staffs.

Using the’s technology, we sent over 1 lakh customized Diwali wishes from Tiger Shroff and created a 'wow moment' for our business partners”, - Jaya Jamrani, Vice president of Castrol India Limited

Most Recent Advancement in Generative AI Space:

o Recently the Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Amazon’s primary profit driving & computing platform joined with Venture capital firm Accel and announced an accelerated program ‘ML Elevate 2023’ to empower the Generative AI startups and their applications.

o Amazon announces about offering free skill training courses on generative AI called ‘AI Ready’. The initiative aims to provide free skill up gradation courses to educate and elevate the generative AI skills of 2 million people by the year 2025.

o The latest report of KPMG says “60 percent of CEO’s in India and 70 percent of CEO’s across the world discovers and considers their investments in Generative AI as the top priority”.

o Thoughtworks, a global consultancy of technology reports that at least 84 percent of consumers in India states that they likely purchase from companies that integrates with by Generative AI, which is higher than the global average rate of 84 percent.

o According to NAASCOM report on Generative AI, there are 60 startups emerged & dedicated to deliver innovative solutions & services in the generative AI landscape of India. And funding for generative AI startups was generated more than at $590 million which indicates the highest funding flow in the startup space. The number of emerging generative startups is doubled during the period of 2022 to 2023 and till the date the rate is increasing.

o The US-based consultancy platform McKinsey states that the generative AI has the potential to add $ 4.4 trillion to the global market annually. And by 2060, half of the world’s work will be automated by generative AI startups.

Wrapping up, the integration of Generative AI brews the silent revolution in the dynamic landscape of Startups. The startups powered by Gen-AI spots with tapestry of possibilities and perch to unleash the productivity and functionality. The applications of Gen-AI explores all the exclusive frontiers and driving the force to startups. By harnessing the power of transformative technology Generative AI, startups have already started the gear to carve the future where technology and humans poise to collaborate together to create astonishing tech-savvy world.