Perception Engineering: Restructuring the Foundation of Startups

As the wheel of science and technology is revolving vigorously, millions of innovations are blooming up in leading to technical developments which results in growth in production within an economy. This tremendous progress is catalyzing efficiency in the production process, elevating labor productivity, and impacts other factors of production, which causes overall economic growth. Millions of organizations are coming up with their ever-evolving touch of technologies and systematic operations converting their inputs into outputs. Technological development enhances global connectivity, which opens the door for international trade & commerce. This leads to easy accessibility to international markets and enhances global economic integration. Now there is one new inclusion in the list, which is Perception Engineering, which is used for analysis and understanding of the human perception and cognition processes. There is dedicated software for using perception engineering.

Benefits of Perception Engineering
Perception Engineering is a methodology that lets you manage a tech company’s reputation, marketing & growth, all in one place. Perception Engineering provides contract mechanical design services that include machine design, manufacturing support, new product development, and complex automation systems development to provide both on-site and off-site support.

Two million new tech companies are being founded each year worldwide, out of them 1% are successful and within which 0.01% of all the tech companies become unicorns.
50% of your success as a tech company is Product Engineering, 50% is Perception Engineering that is how people perceive you.

At least 50% of everything we buy is perception, tech companies that learn how to manage the way their company products are perceived, in a strategic, holistic way, win. That’s why Perception Engineering was created.

While you can have a brilliant product and suppose still it gone wrong somewhere and you have gone bankrupt. That is utterly unfair. In such a case Perception Engineering is the answer.

“The problem in this business isn’t to keep people from stealing your ideas; it's making them steal your ideas!”
- Howard Aiken

3 Key Areas to Focus in Perception Engineering
1. Strategy - Long-term planning and strategic vision, with a rejuvenating, lasting and measurable impact across the entire business.

2. Creativity - Delivering immediate results in clearly defined areas of the business throughout the user lifecycle.

3. Technology - Deploying the right mix of software and consultancy, that will instantly upgrade your company’s perception management.

Thrust areas of Perception Engineering
This field of engineering demands a well-balanced collaboration between engineering scientists, psychologists, neuro-biologists and medical professionals. Amalgamation of various ideas from different fields has the potential to lead to fundamental breakthroughs and innovative creations. Developments in technology were motivated by the models of perception and cognition of living biological systems including human-beings. Technology development for analysis and understanding of the human perception and cognition processes.

Areas of Application
• Perception driven Multimedia Conferencing System
• Perceptual Robotics
• Artificial Sensing
• Research for development of tools, techniques and models of human perception and cognition.
• Development of technically competent manpower in the area of Perception Engineering through conventional and continuing education programs

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”
- Leonardo da Vinci

How Startups are working with Perception Engineering
Most of the startups spend 100% of their energy creating the best product. But, sadly, the best product almost never wins. The product perceived to be better does. This is the hardest truth anyone will admit, and in that case, the first step should be about how you want your product to be perceived, which can bring you the best brand value in the market. Perception Engineering is the methodology designed to produce change, in a holistic and strategic way. This methodology lets you manage a company’s reputation, marketing and growth, all in one place.

A globally acclaimed company ‘SolidWorks’ dedicatedly working with collaborating with highly trained engineers from diverse backgrounds that band together and solve almost any design and manufacturing problem for their clients. It was founded in in 2013 and located in Hallandale, Michigan. While establishing the company President Stephen Wierenga was deliberately searching for mechanical design services that include design and engineering tools, which will add to the success of the company’s success “SOLIDWORKS was the obvious choice when starting Perception Engineering.

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He further quoted “Early on, we had a vision to be a trusted extension of local manufacturers’ engineering teams. To do this, we not only had to have knowledge of how products are made, but we also had to be experts in the tools and software that our clients use, the preferred design software was and remains SOLIDWORKS.”

Robotics is playing a major role in perception engineering, because by using robotics engineers can study how images and videos acquired by cameras mounted on robotics are transformed into representations like features and optical flow.

Gravis Robotics is a startup that turns heavy construction machines into intelligent and autonomous robots. They use a unique combination of learning-based automation and augmented remote control which lets one operator safely conduct a fleet of machines in a gamified environment—from anywhere in the world. They have over a decade of academic experience honing the cutting edge of large-scale robotics, and it is rapidly growing to bring that expertise into a trillion dollar industry through active deployments with market leaders.

If you want to try your luck in this field perception engineering, you need to have some qualities. Which are-

• University degree in Computer Science, Computer Vision, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, or a related field
• Hands on experience of C++, Python, and Git
• Extensive experience using deep neural networks with image and/or LiDAR data
• Expertise with 3D geometry (e.g., SLAM) and 2D image processing
• Exposure to open source data processing frameworks
• Ability to create functional real-time systems that solve difficult perception tasks
• Work closely with other perception engineers, and contribute to implementing, documenting, testing, and designing perception software.

Final Thoughts
Undoubtedly, in today’s landscape, technology is playing the pivotal role in shaping up all the dimensions of the economy. At least 50% of everything we buy is perception, tech companies that learn how to manage the way their company products are perceived, in a strategic, holistic way to win over the market. Perception engineering is attaching its string with Computer graphics like 3D models, and computer vision, which makes the whole use of robotics, IOT software, AI enabled system to give the perception a realistic ground. Now Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality also entered in this arena which is envisioning the modern designs through excellence of Engineering. Technology is ever-changing entity which will never fail to amaze us. In the decades to come, this concept will flourish and evolve and get penetrated more in speeding up the pace of progress.