New (Now) Media Start-ups

By Aparna RoyComprising of the Television, Media and the Film industry, the Indian media and entertainment sector occupies a mammoth position in the global market. If reports are to be believed, the Indian media and entertainment industry will touch $45.1 billion by 2021. With the advent of digitization and globalization, this magnificent and fastest growing sector has been able to achieve new zeniths.

Considering the growth in the number of internet users, the industry has adopted the digital platform to fabricate variegated print and electronic media outlets, hence paving way for digital journalism or what is better known as the 'New Media'.

Currently, it is the most trending and preferred media platform.

Hence, the immense growth and scopes of the digital media market have attracted many entrepreneurs who are seeking huge opportunities. Many start-ups have emerged in this industry in the last few years. The reason that usually prompts aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into this market is the baffling choices it offers.

One such opportunity that is discovered in this domain is digital marketing. With the massive increase in the use of the internet and smartphones, digital marketing proved to be a boon for many entrepreneurs. A survey says that
digital marketing is increasing by 40 per cent every year since 2011.

Therefore, the sole reason for the upsurge in digital journalism is that it allows clear projection of news and messages to the targeted audience through digital technologies like mobile phones which is used by a huge population of the country. It is a convenient medium to convey messages to the right people. Digital marketing's strength is not only recognised by start-ups but many legacy news organizations are enticed to this enormous expansive too.

Digital media has been proffering huge spectrums to the newbie. They have numerous choices using which they can launch themselves in the digital journalism market. These are the few options these start-ups are mostly based on:

• There are content-based start-ups that aim to build a sustainable business with editorial content, digital distribution and blending other commercial streams as well.

• Some of the start-ups are aggregator based. These media enterprises venture with a very different perspective and that is to curate and aggregate contents of other media houses. They basically are platforms which bring all the news and information of different media outlets under one roof.

• Strange but it true! There are media start-ups that are based on no-profit business model. They are neither tied up with any political body. These start-ups are either built on the combination funding, self-fund or donation.

The decision of what type of start-up entrepreneurs want to venture into merely lies on them. Detailed market research, demand and type of audience analysis will give a clearer idea. Hence, it can be said that digital journalism holds a bright future for budding entrepreneurs.