Real Estate Startups: Advancing Steadily to Redefine a Remarkable Future


Online Property Marketplace

Today, real estate is all about buying and selling a land or property completely on the internet. In such case, startups in the realm of online property marketplace are revolutionizing the traditional real estate procedures by developing high-ended platforms to connect the sellers, buyers, renters, and managers of real estate properties. They pull the potential of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and big data to offer portals for properties, listings for rentals, improved search abilities, and develop virtual tours, which can significantly boost the user experience.

Unlike the traditional property advisors, they cultivate transparency in each and every process of property registrations through providing detailed information, reviews, and amenity lists of the properties. They also facilitate the seamless payment transactions with safe and secured payment systems and also offerings like added services including legal financing options and assistance for real estate operations.

Clicbrics, Haryana-based startup is a first online marketplace that leverages the technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to display price trends and real-time transactional valuations for every investor and stakeholder in real estate.