Startups: The Green Influencers Spearheading Sustainable Practices to Promote 'Sustainability'


We are in an era where greenhouse gas emissions, industrialization, and urbanization are increasing, creating a sense of urgency for sustainable & eco-friendly practices to become more vital than ever. As the eminent greenhouse gas emitter in the world, the complexity towards sustainability is twofold for India. In such cases, Indian startups are emerging like shining boons that are redefining their business guidelines & taking all possible actions to integrate into eco-friendly & sustainable practices. Compelled by increased consumer demands, changes in regulations, & combined responsiveness of the lookout for environmental stewardship, the booming Indian startups are designing products & providing services while keeping sustainability in mind & augmenting their supply chains for minimal impact on ecology through pioneering models to promote circular economy.

So, let’s delve into the article to witness the ground-breaking sustainable & eco-friendly practices by startups in India, which are setting standards for fostering responsibility towards sustainability in this busiest business world.

Carbon Offsetting & Neutrality

Carbon Offsetting is a sustainable way to compensate for the carbon legacy & carbon emissions produced by the company by investing in sustainable projects. The amount companies release carbon dioxide into the environment due to their industrial activities, nowadays, the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is removed simultaneously leveraging new and advanced techniques. Similarly, neutrality tends to reduce all greenhouse gases & maintain stability between emitted carbon & absorbed carbon altogether. Notably, Google is the first tech company to eradicate its carbon footprints through Carbon Neutrality.

Many startups are endeavoring to attain carbon neutrality by investing significant capital in carbon offsetting projects. AgroMorph Technosolutions, a Mumbai-based startup develops innovative technologies to underscore the environmental issues. It offers an algae-based solution to convert harmful industrial wastes into treasured resources by inculcating eco-friendly & sustainable practices. Likewise, Votan based in New Delhi, provides AI-driven carbon management for enterprises through their unique process called KYC – Know your Emissions which gives detailed reports of emissions from the company & articulates plans to compensate them.