Smart Solutions & Smart Services by Smart Startups of India

In recent years, India has boomed as a hot-hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. Startups are at the forefront of driving technological advancements in each & every dimensions in all industries. These dynamic companies are restructuring the various industries by offering smart & innovative solutions and services that caters to the emerging needs of businesses and consumers alike. From incorporating cutting-edge technologies in services to disruptive business systems, Indian startups are remolding the way of we live, work, and interact with the world. In this article we will highlight few notable innovative solutions by Indian startups in major industrial verticals with their ground-breaking & inventive products, solutions and services.

Being a largest pioneer of Agriculture, India has been undergoing significant growth in the industry. Agri-tech startups are constantly incorporating innovative solutions to transform the industry to next level. One such solution is bridging the digital supply chain between the farmers and business verticals. They are connecting thousands of farmers, dealers, manufacturers and agricultural experts in one platform to enhance the productivity of the agricultural products & services which delicately helps the betterment of farmers as well as the country. Additionally startups provide assistance for farmers by educating them about the farm produce and how to reach the consumers seamlessly without any barriers. The rise of startups in freight forwarding also added a value for enhancing the supply chain of agricultural products. They build Agri-freight platform using cutting-edge technologies & data-driven transportation solutions. Through the connected network of multi-mode transporters, startups save time&money for Agri-shippers. For instance, An Agri-frieght startup ‘Agrigator’ based in Madhyapradesh provides On-spot Agricultural logistics services by enabling the users for instant freight booking with exclusive freight index. This innovative solution brings the transparency and efficiency for Agricultural Supply chain.

“Indian government launched a smart phone application “Kisan Rath” to ease the farmers & traders to get agri-logistic vehicles across the Nation to streamline the transportation of agricultural products”

Health care industry has been going under the surge of Wearable technology due to the increased exposure of advancements in smart tracking techniques. In this context, startups are bringing ingenious cutting edge systems & products with head-turning features which are aligned with current demands. Products innovated by startups like Smart clothes, smart wrist bands, VR headsets & bands are being trendsetters in the market. Neuphony, an innovative wearable startup uses neuro-feedback technology manufactures brain wearables. Their ground-breaking Neuphony EEG Headsets has been created hype in the wearable market as they reinforce brain level activities through bio-feedbacks and provide real-time analytics. The startup has been awarded by “Indian Acheiver’s Forum” for its outstanding performance & contribution. Mobiusworks, startup based in Banglore designed & developed a smart & light-weight wearable called ‘Wagr’ along with mobile app for dogs. The wearable has to affix with collar of the dog and owner can monitor the dog’s bearings & whereabouts. If the dog crossed the safe zones then the companion app connected with Wagr notifies the user immediately. The six-axis accelerometer & gyroscope in Wagr tracks the GPS and monitors the real-time position of the pet.

“According to IDC India, India jumped to rate of 81 percent in domestic wearable shipments with 25 million units”.

The rise startups in automotive industry using digital technology escorting the fascinating experiences for buyers & users. From manufacturing smart electrical vehicles to designing software systems to simplify the transportation solutions, startups are being forerunner in the industry through innovation and automation. ‘Euler Motors’, an EV maker startup based in New Delhi, which recently secured Rs 120 crore in the funding round changing the commercial vehicle landscape. Inspired by Tesla, the company manufactures three-wheeler & four wheeler electric auto-rickshaws for commercial purposes. Within a single-time charge, their cargo EV travels 80 to 100 kilometers along with 500kg maximum. ‘Emflux Motors’, an early startup based in Bangalore intending to provide fastest superbike in the market. Their Li-ion powered battery entitles the motor which gives 0-100km per hour acceleration time of 3 seconds. Startups accompanied with tech-enthusiasts in automotive industry integrating the various advancements in the field of mobility & transportation to well-shape the industry.

“Indian Automotive startup landscape is witnessed with remarkable growth with the influx of technology. The industry is estimated to become a third largest market in India” - Dr Anu Kadyan, Saravjeet Singh and Sana Dewan to Startup India, Government initiative.

Real estate:
Using modern data advancements in business, real estate startups are navigating and making the real estate business simpler than ever. They are offering possible flexible & affordable options to build the fascinating experiences for consumers. These startups aggregates best deals from developers and assist the buyers to save some capital while buying the real estate properties. They provide innovative solutions based on the current demands such as offering built-to-suit urban studio homes for working professionals, ready-to-move-in homes, co-living properties for like-minded people with secured collaboration, co-working spaces for startups & entrepreneurial groups and so on. ‘Colive’, a rental exchange real estate startup provides technology-powered fully furnished & managed ready-to-move-in homes under various categories such as Family homes, co-living homes, luxury PGs, couple-friendly PGs on rental basis. They provide rental homes which are conveniently equipped with modern tech-enables features. ‘Ghar360’, a real estate startup providing a complete package of services including finding best builders, architects, interior designers, property management, capital estimation and so on. They rediscovered the innovative platform using cloud-based and AR technology to digitize the interior shopping of buyers. The platform allows the user to get upraised & realistic view of flooring plans & designs before stepping into the construction process of homes.

“As per the report of IBEF, the Indian real estate market is estimated at $200 billion in 2020 and projected to expand $1 trillion by 2030. Furthermore the industry is expected to contribute 13 percent in country’s overall GDP”

Drone Tech:
The applications of Drones are becoming more obvious in all fields. Startups in the industry leveraging several techniques and technologies to streamline the process of planning surveys, earthwork management, crop maintenance and irrigation, asset management and so on. They are witnessed with significant growth even in rural areas by providing real-time access and monitoring systems. They also give advanced drone operations and geospatial trainings for drone pilots & professionals to equip them with efficient skills. A Delhi based defense technology startup ‘CRON AI’ builds multi sensor tech-enabled intrusion detection equipments, drones & systems. They designed deep learning platform senseEDGE by leveraging adaptive 3D perception technology and sensors like lidars. It provides exceptional & accurate solutions in Object detection, classification and tracking systems. ‘IoTechWorld Avigation’, a drone tech startup established in 2017, provides four innovative products namely ‘Agriboat’ – 1st DGCA approved drones in India, ‘Surveyboat’ – advanced survey monitoring drone, ‘Drishti’ - a lightweight Hexacopter Surveillance drone, ‘Heavyboat’ – drone for logistics. All four products equipped with radar, zoom camera and high ended drone-based features. The company is further planning to enhance the product facilities with the help of ‘Make in India’ initiative.

“As specified by PLI scheme of India (FY 2022-2023) about the approval of 30 crores for drone & drone components and the ban of imported drones boosted the domestic drone manufacturers and startups”

Lastly, Indian startups are constantly touching the boundaries of innovation by providing smart solutions and services and exceling gradually. With an advent on leveraging technology to cater various demands, startups are introducing groundbreaking ideas and products. From wearable devices to inventive drone technology, the startup landscape of India is driving the acquisition of innovational solutions. With their amazing agility, creativity, and prowess, they are welcoming disruptive innovation to the market, Indian startups are all set make a sensational impact on both domestic & universal market medium.