Start-Ups And Organisational Behaviour

Aparna RoyThe effect of organisational behaviour is immense on the productivity of a company, big or small. The way in which employees are made to comply in an organisation becomes the primary subject for its growth map. In today’s brave new world, with the influx of start-ups all over the world, organisational behaviour becomes a matter of absolute priority. When it comes to well established and big corporations, maintaining strict rules for organisational behaviour is a must owing to the volume of employees present. But when it comes to start-ups, the volume of employees becomes the opposite. This is where every start-up founder must realise the importance of having a well informed organisational behaviour from the beginning.

It has been observed over the years that with very less number of employees working, the start-ups don’t pay much attention to the ongoing organisational behaviour inside the workspace and as a result,
misunderstandings and misdirection in employee relations take place. At the same time, the employer also gets the free field to exercise authority on the employees because there is no proper rule of conduct. Worth mentioning that, if proper organisational behaviour is not maintained in the workplace, it in turn affects the gross productivity of the company.
On one hand it is to be noted that if there is no proper code of conduct for the employees even in a small work space with limited people, more chaos is created in the work flow. It is because each and every employee is supposed to have a different mindset and is unable to co-ordinate with the mindset of others. So, if there is a mode of behaviour set for all the employees and each and every employee is to follow that while at work, the chances for misunderstandings and quarrels between employees are liable to stop. On the other hand, the way of organisational conduct restricts an employer from insulting an employee in case of any shortcoming and makes him sit and discuss the problem peacefully thus maintaining the civility of the workplace.
Sometimes, it has also been observed that even if an employee is not contended with the salary, he chooses to still stay with the company because of the behaviour followed in the organisation. And it has also been observed that in spite of a good salary, an employee submits resignation owing to the behaviour of the manager. These are the two instances that can prove the importance of organisational behaviour in an organisation. In the first situation, the dedication of an employee is increased along with the productivity and in the second, the organisation may be loses a productive employee. Both the instances occur as a result of the organisational behaviours of both the companies. This is the reason why each and every start-up in the ecosystem must conform to strict code of conduct inside of the organisation.