Unveil IT Trends & Solutions to Excel your Startup Journey


Adopting Cloud Computing

Without investing massive capital, the cloud computing technology has been detangling & dismantling the blocks in startups by offering the simplified access to computing resources. In this 21st century, still most of the startups & early-stage business are facing difficulties to handle the organization’s data collection by implementing traditional business models. Here comes the savior cloud computing. It is a ground-breaking tech catalyst because it presents a virtual space to save, operate, manage & access the data, information & applications of business with matchless nosiness-based advantages.

"Start-ups need to be prepared for all kinds of disasters - right from tornados to hackers",- Ankit Dudhwewala, Founder, Callhippo And Softwaresuggest.Com

New advancements in cloud computing like Multi & Hybrid Cloud Strategy facilitates for startups to function with the most advanced computing space that can be tailored for each workload. Regardless of tying with random cloud vendors, it allows the users to choose the best cloud vendors according to the workload that aligns with needed features to amplify the workloads based on cloud factors including location, speed & consistency.

As per the analysis of Forbes, the tech-expense by the businesses & enterprises on Cloud computing infrastructure is estimated to surpass $1trillion in the year 2024. In such case, the cost of public cloud services are skyrocketing, adopting multi & hybrid cloud servers minimizes the spending for IT operations of the startups.

Nowadays, startups are focusing on green practices to become the center of attraction in the market; Green Cloud Computing is emerging as boon to scale their operations without harming the planet. It makes the business operations greener with the sustainable sources such as hydroelectric, solar & wind to power up the data centers with renewable energy solutions including energy-efficient server hardware & inventive server cooling methods.

With advanced cloud platforms such as AWS-Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, GCP-Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, Oracle cloud, IBM cloud, Heroku, startups can determine perfect resources & accelerate plethora of solutions to flourish in the tech scene.

"Cloud computing is a great enabler for today’s businesses for a variety of reasons. It helps companies, particularly small and medium enterprises jumpstart their operations sooner as there is very little lead time needed to stand up a full-fledged in-house IT infrastructure". - MS Ramanujam, IT Director, Equiniti India

AR & VR Technology

Regardless of gaming & entertainment sector, the tech-savvy solutions of AR & VR is now spanning over the business landscape at an extreme rate & marking its poles in each sector, especially startups & medium businesses. Since the digital interruption in business has become obvious, it is pivotal to deliver utmost customer experience for users to achieve the business targets & gain profits. This is where the technology of AR&VR swoops in & gives access to the users for high-ended & high-tech features such as 3D virtual experience Headsets, virtual fitting rooms, virtual trial rooms, try-ons & so on.

Each & every startup needs much exposure as they are newbies in a marketplace. Be it Food startup or Fintech startup or any other sector, AR & VR provides immersive advertising to support and promote every type of business in reaching out the target audience.

To understand this deeply, here are the few successive brands & business that applied this technology & reached the astonishing feat.

"AR is not only driving the sales but helping the brands also to build emotional connect with customers" - Kavita Jha, CEO & Co-Founder, KiksAR

BMW is the first brand that integrated AR & VR in their business to allow the users to explore the brand’s portfolio in a pioneering way. A smart phone App- Ikea place presents a futuristic outlook to users which envision how the Ikea furniture looks after fitting in home via 3D VR representation. Similarly YouCam, a snap application makes the users to try the real-life cosmetic products virtually through instant selfies which have attracted millions of people around the world.