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Ajmeer Khaja Sheriff, Founder & Chairman,Moutushy Mitra Kandalam, CEO & Director
(L-R): Dr. Ajmeer Khaja Sheriff,
Founder & Chairman

Dr. Moutushy Mitra Kandalam,
& CEO & Director

Since time immemorial, the increase in life expectancy and to improve the quality of life has been a common goal for nations globally. With countries facing the enormous challenges to reduce the growing impact of communicable and non-communicable diseases, the patient safety and affordable healthcare has emerged as a major concern all over the world and more so among the developing nations. For instance, India’s health demographic is found to be remarkably increased in terms of disease burden, especially for infectious disease, infertility, and cancer. The fast-changing epidemiological trends urgently call for a strong, cohesive response and therefore, it is imperative for the public health experts to bring in an advanced diagnostic solution driven by innovative strategic developments.

Realizing that the prevention and early diagnosis should be at the fore and the dire need to implement a new agenda to address the universal phenomenon, 3i Molecular came into the picture. Speaking on the inception journey, Dr. Moutushy Mitra Kandalam, CEO, and Director, 3i Molecular Solutions, says, “We initially began as a distribution
company to represent Molecular Diagnostics companies in India. Our main idea was to create awareness on the latest multiplex diagnostic kit and their benefits. When we realized that almost every lab was a conventional molecular lab without advanced diagnostic facility, soon we established our own advanced molecular diagnostic laboratory and proffer advanced services to hospitals, clinics, and researchers. Somewhere the definite dream of becoming Advanced molecular diagnostic entrepreneurs also pushed us forward. Hence, in 2014 3i Molecular Solutions came into existence.”

"3i Molecula's advanced DNA molecular diagnostic is a highly sensitive, excessive and rapid method which detects infection in small hours and diagnose genetic conditions accurately leading to better and specific treatment strategy"

Boosting the Quality of Life, Caring with Confidence
The brainchild of Dr. Ajmeer Khaja Sheriff & Moutushy Mitra the two eminent life sciences experts, 3i Molecular renders cutting-edge solutions to customers across fields such as human health, agriculture, and animal science. “We are driven by the goal to generate awareness to the medical community on the role of genes in causing male and female infertility and transfer knowledge to patients through workshops, seminars on advanced genetic technique.” She adds, “We are here to make a very cost-effective solution based on our in-house developed techniques coupled with innovative algorithms for addressing critical medical diagnostic conditions. Also, we have taken initiatives to provide economical genetic testing services to improve yield, disease resistance and
drought tolerance in crops and livestock animals.”

The company offers an array of services for Cytogenetic and Whole Genome CNV testing based on the only FDA and CE-IVD approved Affy metrix microarray system. Mitra asserts, “Our Oncoscan Assay is the only solution to meet the challenges and help clinicians diagnose and choose appropriate therapy. Moreover, the multiplex PCR and Complete Genomic Solution increase the capacity and involve analysis of mutations, SNPs, Gene Expression, Genotyping detection, and characterization

Overcoming the hurdles through adopting advanced steps, conventional diagnostic techniques, 3i Molecular's advanced DNA molecular diagnostic is a highly sensitive, excessive and rapid method which detects infection in small hours and diagnose genetic conditions accurately leading to better and specific treatment strategy.

Building In-House Diagnostic Solutions
Bangalore based 3i Molecular Solutions has represented some of the world's best International Companies to enrich incessantly in the field of Clinical Diagnostics. Some of its clients are Sankara Nethralaya Chennai, Kasturba Medical College Mangalore and so on. Started as a two- people led a company, now with 20 headcounts, the company has been growing at a rate of 30-40 percent respectively. Moving ahead to become one of the most praised healthcare companies defined by the 4Ps of management, she concludes, “We are building our own in-house diagnostic kit for better outputs and will be ready by the next 6 months.”