Diet Clinic: One Stop Shop for Pure, Natural & Holistic Diet Solutions

Sheela Seharawat & Rajiv Seharawat, Co-FoundersWith 34 clinics and a team of 80+ dieticians & nutritionist spread across its various clinics throughout the country, Diet Clinic is the only platform that provides holistic dietetic solutions & remedies to the fitness & health finesse. The company has treated more than 1,00,000 clients and commits to fulfill its long cherished goal of making the world a bit happier & healthier place to live in.

The world has adapted itself to a system of consumption of foods leading to the several adverse effects on human health. Lifestyle changes have severely affected the eating habits of an individual which in turn has created the path to take supplements, medicines & other remedies. Noticing the changing scenario and observing the lacuna that exists in providing quality dietetic services, Diet Clinic plunged into the fitness & wellness space with a vow to render best-of-class diet services. “While I was pursuing my graduation in science I gained much attention towards the
dietetic branch. Possessing a socializing nature and always wanting to develop a relationship with the masses I saw this huge underlying opportunity where by I could follow the passion as well as connect with people. Moreover, at that time the dieticians were only limited to hospital premises. Thus, the desire to start something of my own pushed me towards establishing Diet Clinic - a platform for pure, holistic & natural dietetic solutions,” speaks Sheela Seharawat, Co-Founder, Diet Clinic.

Simple Offerings, Better Results
Believing in the ideology 'Change starts from within', Diet Clinic tries to achieve the goals induced by total wellness and prepare plans based on therapeutic diet. With its scientific based approach, the company at the very first level takes into account of the individuals’ diet pattern, age, necessity & activity level and assures services such as Diet Consultation, Weight Loss & Gain program according to the requirements. Additionally, it renders diet solutions with respect to diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, allergy and so on. Specialized to proffer a seamless process and share a healthy rapport with the right dietician, tools, correct diet & food information, Sheela avers, “We bring in our recipe for the clients in accordance to the weight loss mechanism. Our organic diet menu is based on their taste level and
we do not suggest pills, potions,supplements or equipment; rather it is based on the valuable knowledge garnered from experiences.”

Accompanied to march towards better development, Rajiv Seharawat later joined the firm in 2009. He mentions, “After hearing to the customers I realized that diet holds a special importance in one’s life. So I decided to help Sheela connect with more people by promoting it through various PR activities and technological applications.” Derived with the motto ‘Let our diet, work for you’and aligning it with digital implications, Rajiv says, “We are soon launching a mobile app to reach the large section of people. This app will help them to get in touch with the dietician through texts and video chat option, both nationally & internationally.”

Emerges to be a Prominent name in the Wellness & Fitness Space
Gurgaon headquartered Diet Clinic has grown exponentially over the years with four flagship clinics and has developed partnership network for the rest. The company has received various accolades and is also been featured in numerous magazines & newspapers. Coming soon with clinics at Mumbai, Diet Clinic plans to expand in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Madhya Pradesh & others.“Along with our offices, we will also enable our own product range and will set up our base in tier 2 cities mainly,” concludes Rajiv.