Explorex: Revolutionizing Restaurant Industry via full-stack Operation System

Mainak Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO,Pritam Khan, Co-Founder & CTO

Mainak Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO

Pritam Khan, Co-Founder & CTO

Over the past few years, technology has truly transformed the restaurant industry. With the restaurant industry increasingly embracing technology and an increasing number of entrepreneurs striving to digitize their business operations, Explorex is one of the emerging organizations that lays its expertise in building an interconnected ecosystem of solutions that helps restaurant owners manage their restaurant with optimum efficiency and ease. “Our solutions are built with one core focus - transforming the process of owning and running a restaurant, and making it a fun and easy process as compared to the complex and messy situation it is in today”, signifies Mainak Sarkar, Co-Founder & CEO.

The core leadership team at Explorex comprises engineers from IIT Kharagpur as well as professionals who have made significant contributions to the company's success and have garnered extensive market understanding. Their profound understanding of the industry as to how it runs and evolves combined with their competence in technology and product is what sets Explorex apart from other peers in the market.

End-to-End AutomationSolutions
Explorex leverages a full-stack operating system designed to suit all the needs of the restaurant industry. Its robust restaurant operating system is called Bridge OS since it bridges all of the gaps and challenges that restaurants encounter today. With Bridge, Explorex assists the restaurant’s

management team with Digitizing the orders via QR code ordering, payment collection tool, guest data collection & recognition tool, Inventory & Recipe Management tool, and Financial Management tool.

To begin, the connected Order Processing tool reduces order processing time to less than 5 seconds for staff, as opposed to 1-2 minutes on conventional systems. Its order processing tool is similarly automated, reducing human errors and eliminating manual entries by 90%. This tool is also connected to the back office inventory management and financial accounting tools, which automates those operations as well. The payment collecting tool is again connected to the financial accounting tool and the order processing tool, bypassing the need to manually enter values such as bill amount and bill number and automatically saving every record on the system.

Leveraging a full-stack operating system designed to suit all the needs of the restaurant industry

Further, its guest data gathering and recognition tool assist the restaurant in automatically collecting the customer's number and verifying the legitimacy. It also assists staff in identifying guests and personalizing service. The Inventory and Recipe Management tool assists restaurant management in keeping track of their procurement and usage, as well as wastage and spoilage. And finally, the Financial Management tool aids in the tracking of financial inflows and outflows, as well as the prevention of leakages and theft. This tool assists restaurants in understanding their spending trends and minimizing losses.

With all these interconnected tools, we are making a restaurant owner’s it’s manager's as well as their staff’s life extremely simplified and easy. We are giving them the visibility of many aspects of the business that they were previously blind to. Also we have removed the dependency on multiple tools by providing everything under one banner Explorex,” emphasizes Pritam Khan, Co-Founder & CTO.

Explorex is currently present in 10+ cities and is expanding at a rate of 50% month over month in terms of revenue processed. And in the next few months it is looking forward to aggressively focusing on more merchant acquisition, entering the enterprise space, geographical expansion as well as strengthening the value chain it has built. Explorex will also be focusing more on the back office and financial services associated with procurement and lending as it has already collaborated with several reputable NBFCs in this regard. It intends to grow 20X from where it is now by the end of the fiscal year. All in all, Explorex is dedicated to developing products and providing solutions that make customers' lives 10X better.