Frozen Bottle: Reinventing the Way You Consume your Desserts

Pranshul Yadav,Founder & CEO

Pranshul Yadav

Founder & CEO

The Indian F&B industry has seen unimaginable growth in the 21st century. While rapid urbanization, the surge in youth population, and the ever-evolving customer demand is one of the major reasons behind this surge. This has also motivated many local as well as international brands to invest as well as engage themselves in the Indian F&B sector. Taking advantage of the current generation’s preference for dessert and quality ambiance, Pranshul Yadav and Arun Suvarna partnered together to venture into desserts-madesegment. Pranshul was a successful franchise owner of Creamstone for the Bangalore location and Arun Swarna comes with the experience of real estate, rentals and leasing. The basic idea behind the venture was to create an extension of ice cream as a product, which is one of the fastest-growing F&B segments. Today, their brand, Frozen Bottle, is one of the most popular milk-shake brands across India with more than 160 outlets spread across 26 cities across the country.

Once fixated on opening up a desert venture, Pranshul and Arun first set up an R&D production and tasting centre at one of their homes. One of the key outcomes of the R &D was to serve the shakes in a chilled bottle to enhance the overall consumer experience, which is still the key USP of Frozen Bottle even in the present day. Finally, the venture began in a 210 sq. ft shop in Kormangala, Bangalore in 2017. In the beginning, while there were around z 20 walk-in customers a day, presently the number has gone up to 4500 a day across India with Frozen Bottle
following the same standards across all the places.

Serving a wide range of products
All the Frozen Bottle outlets have an extensive menu with more than 135 Products consisting of Milk Shakes, Thick shakes, Cake jars, Waffles, Stone jars, Hot Beverages, Mocktails, and so on. The menu has been further categorized into 17categories based on flavor and tastes. All of the products are 100 percent vegetarian and caters to people from all age group. The naming of the products is done based on the taste which helps the customers in knowing the taste of the product from the name itself while buying. However, it’s the quality of the product as well as the team’s effort to provide an excellent ambiance to its customers across all the Frozen Bottle outlets that add value to the brand’s popularity.

Frozen Bottle has one sole purpose and that is to serve memories encapsulated in a frozen bottle of delight

Celebrated for Supremacy
Starting with just 2 people, Frozen Bottle has an employee strength of more than 600 presently with leaders across various domains such as R&D, Quality, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Business Development, Franchise Management & Customer Service, contributing equally to the immense success of the brand.

There is an R&D department manages the innovation & new product development and the purchase department gets the finest ingredients from the reputed vendors. SCM Department ensures the seamless delivery of raw materials to the outlets across the country and Operations department carry out the business successfully.

A team of trainers from the L&D department ensures the availability of well-trained staff at the stores to serve the best milkshakes to the customers with love & courtesy. Perhaps, the Human Resources department tirelessly work on the well being of the employees and grow them as professional individuals.

Coming to the future roadmaps of the organization, Frozen Bottle has focused on two ideas, one of which is becoming a one-stop-shop for all western dessert cravings of their consumers. For this, we have already launched a patisserie brand named Lubov with gorgeous offerings across a variety of bakery and confectionery products. The second one is to launch its ice cream brand which will be initially distributed across all the Frozen Bottle outlets and then at retail outlets. The organization also has plans to reach outlet counts of more than 500 over the next 4 years.