Gingercrush: One Stop Shop for Personalized Gifts and Customized Products

Saumya Nidhi,COO & Co-Founder
Saumya Nidhi, COO& Co-Founder
The custom of gifting is as old as time itself. But with the changing times, the means of procuring gift has evolved and progressed with modern methods. In this context, the personalized and customized gifting has tremendously caught the attention of everyone. The consumers of today want new style; uniqueness and a personal touch in their gifts. This has triggered many online gifting firms to come up with innovative and personalized collections and deliver a heart-warming and satisfactory gift-buying experience to its customers.

Gingercrush,a Vadodara based merchandising and product Customization Company is one such name in the burgeoning online gifting space that offers a plethora of customized gifts ranging from clothing for adults, children & infants, personalized office products, home decor and back to school products. What started off initially as a venture in the field of licensing business eventually turned out to be a leading name in the online gifting arena. The founders were involved
in the licensing business until 2015, when they came across the huge distribution gap existing right from product import, product designed and manufacturing to distribution. Foreseeing this, they thought why not to revamp the existing business model which not only shortens the turnaround time but also cuts down the cost of inventories and become a ‘just-in-time model’. That’s when the idea of Gingercrush was born.

"Launched with only three-four products, Gingercrush at present has almost 128 products lines in its platform"

“For us,it started with an impossible idea,an insightful vision and a surprising business opportunity. Identifying that as everything today is print-on-demand, we decided to match the trend by bringing in high-end digital printers. As innovative ideas kept brewing up, we decided to foray into this space with a bank of designs and deliver customized products,” says Saumya Nidhi, COO & Co-Founder.

Quality & Customization–In a Nutshell
Launched with only three-four products, Gingercrush at present has almost 128 products lines in its platform. Right from offering ready-designs, it gives the option to create own designs which further assists them to showcase their creativity as well as produce customized products. Saumya asserts,“We are deeply passionate to proffer consumers the
opportunity to be themselves through customization and are committed to the produce highest quality customized products in an ever-expanding arrayof categories.”

Gingercrush leverages its best to bring products that are inextricably linked to an individual’s personal style and taste. Rendering an innovative on-demand platform whereby one can instantly shop or create quality products. There is something for everyone and for every occasion. With products ranging from shirts, mugs, phone cases, toys, luggage tags to diaries and many more, at Gingercrush you can customize the product to make it uniquely yours. The platform has been successful in garnering a handful of corporate clients like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Vodafone, Vivo and others along with individual clients.

Team Gingercrush is a bunch of makers, thinkers, explorers, and creators. Backed by investors such as Mohandas Pai, Zia Mody, 3 One 4 Capital, Saha Fund & Mumbai Angels, the company has tied up with BlueDart and India Post to deliver its product across metros and non-metros. Also, it ships its product globally to the US, Spain, Germany, Australia, Dubai, Singapore and others. In the near years, Gingercrush aspires to be a recognized platform that is not only known for Personalized Gifts, Custom Products & Décor but lives the motto ‘Collect Memories, Not Things’.