Go Alpha Kids: Sportifying the Childhood of Every Indian

Chanesh Babu & Gaurav Oswal,   Co-FoundersThe Z generation is the one that has witnessed remarkable technological changes. Being born in the lap of technology, the generation is more drawn to gadgets than playgrounds. Virtual reality has outgrown all bounds and seems so fascinating that kids today have no control over screen time and care less about sports and outdoor activities for physical development and tactical skills. Ventured with the mission to sportify the childhood of every Indian, Go Alpha Kids has embarked on a journey to ignite and seek a love for sports among kids such that they develop a lifelong passion for sports and fitness. In India, the company has introduced kids to the fundamentals of multisports Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Cricket, and more, and extra curriculum like Music, Dance, Marital arts, and more.

"Go Alpha is The Kid's Engagement and Corporate Wellness Platform, Primarily Identifying Kid's Talent at a young age. We seek to ignite a love for sports among kids such that kids develop a lifelong passion for sports and fitness. We introduce kids to the fundamentals of multisports Viz. Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Cricket, and others", says Gaurav Oswal, Founder, Go Alpha Kids. The Kid's Engagement and Corporate Wellness Platform, Go Alpha Kids, was founded by Gaurav Oswal & Chanesh Babu. Currently, Go Alpha operates in 10+ cities: Ahmedabad,

Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurugram and more, partnered with 250+ preschools, and has trained 25,000 plus kids all over India.

Safe, Creative & Developmental Environment For Kids
Go Alpha is a fun fitness program that engages the child and gets them excited for the live classes. It focuses on gross motor skill enhancement and includes multi sports introduction to kids. It has a unique program for 2 to 10-year olds and is conducted as a part of the preschool and school curriculum. The digital program uses household utensils and includes dance, fun activities, and a multisports introduction for kids.

Go Alpha is identifying kid's talent at younger age with multi sports exposure

The founders of the company belong to two different cities, Gaurav Oswal from Pune and Chanesh Babu from Chennai. With their combined expertise, they have established a learning platform where they run multiple, creative, and non-competitive environments. In the next stage, it works with the child's interest and helps enhance his/her skills. Go Alpha Kids wants the kids to be active and choose the right sport for life for a structured curriculum.

Go-corporate Program For Employees
Go Alpha not only focuses on training children, Go Corporate is an Engagement and Wellness platform that engages employees in physical, mental, wellness, parenting, and recreational activities. It focuses on fun and fitness methodology to engage corporate employees and includes multisports exposure with international & national facilitators. The engagement program includes sports, CrossFit, Zumba, animal flow, yoga, and other stress busters. The program also provides hands-on workshops in nutrition, physiotherapy, mental wellness, parenting, and more.

Currently, Go Alpha Kids has more than 75 team members, the major criteria to be part of the Go Alpha team is that the candidate should have some experience with sports and extra curriculum. Most of the team members are state and national players and are building a sports ecosystem for a future Sportive India. With the founder's and team's experience, Go Alpha Kids is a great option for many corporate and preschools to engage their employees and kids in fun activities. Go Alpha has taken the initiative to take the platform on a global level to give the kids today, a chance to adapt to new ways of learning.