HealWell24: Blends Technology & Quality Practice for a 360-Degree Health Solution

J.K Singha & Harddik K Patel,Founder & MD, Founder & CEO
J.K Singha & Harddik K Patel
Founder & MD, Founder & CEO

J.K Singha, an alumnus of IIM-Lucknow started his professional career as a Junior Research Fellow with Auroprobe Laboratories, under Biotech Consortium India Limited(BCIL)and later on went on to work with some of the leading pharmaceutical firms & healthcare consulting firms spread across the USA and APAC region. During his tenure of almost 12+ years, he was soon able to realize the prodigious transformation taking place around the world in the healthcare scenario whereby everything was turning ‘digital’. But to his surprise, the Indian healthcare was not been influenced by such massive advancements. Identifying that the nation lagged far behind with only a few existing healthcare paradigms and the digital healthcare platform was the dire need of the hour, he came with the ideation to start something in the particular place. The year then was 2015.

Fast-forward to 2017. Going ahead with the dream to build a technology-powered one-stop healthcare service company that not only understands the criticality of patient care inside the hospital premises but beyond post-discharge, Singha along with his partner Harddik K Patel started to
built prototypes. What started off with training program providers to facilitating services right from home health care, patient caretaker to dental treatment soon the company was able to turn the table round with being a full-fledged healthcare technology and home healthcare solution provider. Thus, HealWell24 came into existence.

"Backed by Medintel and ICON, the company is currently active in its operations in Mumbai and its sub-urban and till date has trained 80+ staffs"

“With the increasing awareness on staying healthy and being fit, everyone at present times is inclined towards possible preventive steps. But at times there are some complex health situations wherein the patients require a total professional care and a trustworthy healthcare solution provider. On the other hand, technology being the key player, reaching to all in possible ways out and noticing that the Indian healthcare sector has not undergone many transfigurations we decided to lead the path ahead driven by the motto to bring the Indian healthcare into a digital platform,” speaks J.K Singha, Co-Founder & MD, HealWell24.

On-Demand & Customized Patient Care – Anywhere, Anytime
Led by the vision to not just excel in healthcare but also in human-care, HealWell24 aims to make a difference in the patient’s life for the better. The company strives to redefine and make services affordable to all – anywhere, anytime. Captivating to the latest technological applications, HealWell24 entitles to leverage AI
and Machine Learning in order to create an impact as well as be liable to reach a large set of patients, particularly to meet their health needs.

HealWell24 ensures to deliver 360-degree digital solutions blended with technology and quality practice. The key service offerings of HealWell24 include Home Health Care, Home Dental Care, and Medical Equipments. Additionally, the platform renders Nursing Care Services, Elderly Care, Care Taker & Attendant, Nursing Home Services, Home ICU Equipment, Physiotherapy. Singha avers, “We are the country’s one of the first Home Dental Service providers. Also, our nurses’ facilities at home and advanced medical technicians are trained well under CHHA certification course.”

He adds,“Our USP has always been to connect primarily via digital manner. More specifically,'ONLY QUALITY, NO COMPROMISE’ & we Make the Patient Our Priority.”

Developing a Mobility Platform
Mumbai headquartered HealWell24 deploys its own CRM model to engage with customers. Backed by Medintel & ICON, the company is currently active in its operations in Mumbai and it's sub-urban and till date has trained 80+ staffs. Pinpointing key features like 24/7 service, online payment mode and online help, Singha concludes, “We are in the process to develop a mobility platform that inculcates AI & Machine learning to extend the further reach. In the next financial year, we are planning to target on Tier 2 & 3 cities and make healthcare accessible to all.”