Hiresafe: Background Verification Made Easier, Safer & Faster

Hasan Ali,  CEOBackground verification has now become a common measure adopted by the organization to authenticate the information about the employees. The boom in the IT sector has witnessed the rise in demand in various verticals. Hiresafe, as the name suggests, promises utmost safety in the hiring process. Established in 2017, the firm deals with the multi-layered investigation of the candidate’s profile that can provide a 360-degree view of the multiple facets of his career. Hiresafe conducts Background Verification of employees who are about to join or already joined. “We specifically do all required checks as per the parameters of our esteemed clients situated in PAN India. We are specializing in closing the cases in 7-8 working days provided in case no insufficiencies”, says Hasan Ali, CEO, Hiresafe.

Today, the candidates seldom paint a flowery image to get hired on to the desired role by presenting fake information about qualification and experience. This not only hampers the organization’s name and business, but also is a loss for a potential candidate that should be able to seize the opportunity in hand. The HR is already indulged into complexities, and authenticating the information is an added work. To simplify these complexities, outsourcing Background Verification of the Employees, is one job less for the HR as they are the specialists in the field. While earlier, the organizations were hesitant to adopt such practices as there were some reliability issues, the scenario has completely changed for them.

Hiresafe beliefs in client confidentiality while investigating all the parameters in detail. Being a reputed name in the industry,
Hiresafe is well-known for the services it renders to its clients and maintains a good track record of attracting and winning new clients. The company believes in putting its clients on top and thus everything revolves around the client’s requirements. Being in the market for 10 years now, it has gained an expertise in what it does and client satisfaction is a major aspect it masters.

For the future, like any other company, Hiresafe plans to expand its services to the other states. Soon, It will have its offices in other countries too.

With the concept of Background Verification being normalised, there is a stiff competition in the industry and carving one’s way to success comprises many hurdles along the way. Hiresafe has long term goals accompanied with a clear vision and it strives to achieve more with an effective business plan. Majorly the company focuses on customer service, creating awareness beyond the services.

Thriving on Transparency
Hiresafe has a profound IT structure that strengthens it to better its services. Since most companies rely on AI today, it becomes easier to close more cases and work efficiently towards timely deliverables. This however simplifies the job to a great extent, human intervention is still needed to analyse certain aspects. Hiresafe works through a hybrid model where in both technology and a human touch play their respective roles.

The team at Hiresafe comprises experienced and trained professionals who work towards the common goal. The expectations of the clients are well defined by the company, and the goals are met accordingly. Hiresafe focuses on clear expectation, proper communication and mutual trust. The key to performing and delivering better lies in continuous learning and improvising the Quality Analysis through which the company has gained confidence of its clients. The data of the company is protected and secured and that is just another aspect that the company never fails to address. Hiresafe is developing and integrating its systems to take the entire process online. This will help serve the clients faster and better as this will allow clients to order services remotely. This in turn, will add to the transparency of the entire process and will help gain more prospects for the company. Checking the status of the services is an added bonus that the clients would definitely love to get onboard with!