• Spotlight: Lauding Innovation Driven Growth
  • July Spotlight - 2022

    India has been able to significantly increase its capacities to achieve self-sufficiency from an industrial point of view. He says with the introduction of the liberal economic policies from 1991 onwards, the Indian economy is in much better health than before. Problems such as License Raj are no more, and new domains of business are opening on a regular basis. This is especially true of infrastructure sector, as well as other areas that were previously the sole preserve of the government. Indian industrial sector has been forced to restructure itself and thus has become significantly modern than before. There is more focus on reducing costs of production and achieving the levels of technological competence that can help one stay globally relevant and deal with cut-throat competition....

July Spotlight - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
 InsysTechnologies InsysTechnologies Shesh Kumar Upadhyay, Founder & Director "All our courses are designed by the experts from the IT domain to help our students gain in-depth knowledge about the contemporary technology as well as build a better career ahead"
Automate SMB Automate SMB Nilay Khatri, Founder “We are also working on a beta with a few clients to provide various nudges on their website and mobile applications, such as personalised offers based on the interests and contextual information,”
Embryo Group Of Companies Embryo Group Of Companies Subrata Ghosh, Founder & Managing Director Our vision is to forge trusting relationships with the animal health care communities that are both mutually beneficial and meaningful for the betterment of the society
Hiresafe Hiresafe Hasan Ali, CEO “We specifically do all required checks as per the parameters of our esteemed clients situated in PAN India. We are specializing in closing the cases in 7-8 working days provided in case no insufficiencies”
IQuench IQuench Divya Yachamaneni, CEO In the earlier days, water from wells and springs was considered to be safe to drink. However, the tradition and technique of serving drinking water in India have evolved considerably during the previous decades.
McTURING McTURING Aditya More, CEO & Founder "Our smart products, software’s and controllers provide the speed,reliability and security coupled with the power and convenience of connected services"
Microsense Networks Microsense Networks Sujit Singh, Executive Director & CEO Microsense Networks, with its managed services, has been providing this facility to its clients for almost two decades. All these factors differentiate Microsense Networks from its peers.
Nutrition Dynamic Foods (NDF) Nutrition Dynamic Foods (NDF) Arpita Doshi, Founder Freeze-dried products can last for months and do not require refrigeration. All these features form the unique selling proposition of the products and help the company stand tall amongst its peers.
Oblangata Consulting Oblangata Consulting Bikram Roy, Chief Operating Officer "Overseas clients can also use our OCDC as an Offshore Development Centre and treat our state of art facilities and infrastructure as a remote extension of their own setup. If required we also help our clients with permanent placements"
Regalos India Regalos India Nandakumar R , Founder & CEO In terms of future roadmap, the firm is planning for creating an inhouse production and self-manufactured in-house products where it can control the quality while catering to the corporate demand. The firm is also planning to take forward “made in India products
TAB Consulting TAB Consulting Abhimanyu Khanna, CEO Team building activities help to develop skills such as a positive approach towards work, situational leadership, teamwork, time management, decision making, effective communications, strategy planning and effective utilization of resources.
Talent Futures Services Talent Futures Services Pooja Sawhney, Founder The company has positioned itself as a recruitment agency but soon hopes to include communication training in its curriculum so that increases the hiring rate of every candidate.
Tech Job Fair Tech Job Fair Ashok Dudhat, Founder & CEO All startups require two things to achieve an exponential growth trajectory branding and strong talent recruitment. Thus, catering across this vertical, Tech Jobs Fair has managed to carve its unique identity across the industry.”
ToXSL Technologies ToXSL Technologies Shiv Charan Panjeta, Founder & CEO We started our journey by providing mobile and web application development services, armed with a handful of talented and dedicated professionals.
Tuaman Tuaman Dr. Pinaki Dutta Gupta, Director "We have an impeccably balanced spread throughout the disciplines such as Civil and Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation which forms the foundation of our value proposition"
Urolime Urolime Abhilash Subhash , Founder UROLIME began focusing on assisting enterprises to migrate to the cloud and construct safe, scalable, and stable infrastructure around the major cloud vendors as a cloud service provider.
Veegent Veegent Nilesh Kumar, Global Head We organization collaborates closely with clients and their teams to ensure that the brand identity is maintained. Our team is comprised of people with varying levels of technical, advertising, and promotion expertise.
Visual Sculptors Visual Sculptors Sampath kumar S, Managing Director "Our team is comprised of people with varying levels of technical, advertising, and promotion expertise. I could say Veegent is India's most booming digital marketing agency for this reason"