• The Wellness Co.: Exploring a Dynamic Approach to Health & Wellness Through Technological Advancement
  • May Spotlight - 2024

    Startups Refining Innovations & Reviving Economy The magical touch of science has given the human a strong wing to fly and proclaim themselves the best creature on earth. Science & technology has come across a long path bringing a wide range of innovations in our life which has made our life cozy, comfortable, and peaceful. As the days are progressing, technology is driving the human life and upgrading it through numerous innovative and cutting-edge technologies. In every sphere of economy technology has made its strong footprints and uplifted them by improving productivity of individuals and various business organizations. This wave of scientific progress is continuously fostering the development of more advanced creations. Today, every corner of the industry is...

May Spotlight - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
The Wellness Co The Wellness Co Rohan Jain, Co-Founder, Rishabh Jain, Co-Founder & Marketing Head Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technologies and innovative therapies in a luxurious and high-tech environment, enabling people to enhance their quality of life, akin to their counterparts in other parts of the world, but within the comfort of their community”
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Capshine Capshine Satya Prabhakar, CEO Capshine is there for all, enabling learners to have a convenient yet blended learning experience (through mobile learning, personalized learning, gamification, adaptive learning, and micro learning) with unlimited hours of live speaking practice sessions.
 Four Pillars Media Agency Four Pillars Media Agency Anuj Tosniwal, Managing Partner Our approach centers on shared vision and understanding, essential for achieving outstanding results. Each client is not just a business partner but an extension of our own company,
Magic Billion Magic Billion Aditi Banerjee, Co-Founder & CEO At Magic Billion, we empower global careers and nurture aspirations. As a leader in global talent mobility, we are committed to empowering India's youth through skill development.
Maxtalent Maxtalent Lalit Narang, Chief Consultant & Director We have built a reputation for quick sourcing of qualitative manpower in various functional areas, more dominantly in sales and marketing verticals.
 Otrix Otrix Bhavdip Dhameliya, Founder we offer an innovative range, setting a new industry standard. As pioneers in India, we embody a steadfast dedication to advancing orgi-science formulations, marking a new era of excellence
 Torn & Stitched Torn & Stitched Abhishek Singh , Co-Founder Our focus remains on leveraging technology, particularly in AI and data analysis, to further enhance personalized customer experiences and ensure the brand's positive environmental impact resonates with a broader audience.
Winnovative Solutions Winnovative Solutions Vartika Singh, Head-Pre-sales & Abdul Rahim Shaikh, Head-Customer Success, Riyaz Shaik, Head-Operations Our vision is to simplify complex customer problems by our smart innovative solutions, and our mission is to persist in our endeavor to resolve customer challenges in IT in a most innovative way.