• Labaid Cancer Hospital: Beating Cancer With Its Comprehensive Cancer Care
  • Spotlight May - 2023

    How Ailing Indian Economy Is Coming Round After The Major Thrash Of Pandemic In the wake of such deadly influence of pandemic, each corner of the world has felt the unleashing effect of it, which not only demolished the colossal foundation of civilization but it brought the whole nation into a standstill. Every time we asked ourselves is it the end of an era? Do we really have the power to bring back the reviving effects in the lives of the millions of innocent souls? After a vigorous session of brainstorming scientists have cracked the panacea of this disease and also suggested the ways by which we can re-start our lives which are destined to do wonders. The name of that elixir that transformed our lives by a new charm is 'Digital Transformation'. The holy touch of...

Spotlight May - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Labaid Cancer Hospital Labaid Cancer Hospital Sakif Shamim, Managing Director It is our vision to open at least 30 smaller cancer centres across all divisions and districts of Bangladesh to make treatment available to more patients
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Benzaiten Advisors Benzaiten Advisors Reena Dayal, CEO We occasionally do innovation culture related training for individuals in addition to the innovation related workshops that we do for corporations when it comes to training workshops and reserving a consultation.
 Environics Environics Pranav Poddar, Co-Founder & Director Environics has solutions that correct the ill effects of negative natural emissions from the Earth (Geo Stress) that affects one out of every five people at the workplace
Kaizen Voiz Kaizen Voiz Vivek Kumar, Co-Founder & Director It is a less intrusive, easy-to-use, accessible technology that is designed to make interactions with the digital domain simple, seamless, and secure
Navata Road Transport Navata Road Transport Parvataneni Subhas Chandra Bose, Founder Navata Road Transport also offers freight forwarding, operational management, project management, MIS, value adds, IT, and statutory services to cater to their clients logistics needs.
Ravedesign Ravedesign Rajan Vernekar, Partner Ravedesign offers mall design audits, common area design for interiors, facades, circulation, revamp of trading shopping centers.