Holistic Career Guidance: One-Stop Destination Addressing the Current & Future Career Needs of Students

Nithya Raghunath,  FounderThe 21st century has revolutionized the career counseling industry. Traditionally, it was considered only for 8th-class students to 12th-class students but in the last 10 years it has evolved completely and now it is not limited to only school students. Career counseling in India is a huge addressable market as currently, India needs a minimum of 1.4 million career counselors to maintain a globally acceptable student-to-school counselor ratio. Developing economies are increasingly appreciating the impact of career counseling in aligning students with the right options and thus contributing towards nation building. Looking at the opportunities, too many firms have entered this domain. Holistic Career Guidance being established in 2021 is leading the way through promised and innovative services to the students. It is helping professionals in choosing the right career over vague options.

The idea of career counseling came into the mind of the Founder, Nithya Raghunath since she had always aspired to follow her dreams over any other peer pressure, status groups, and all. She always wanted to pursue a career in psychology but due to a lack of proper guidance, she could not pursue the interest, later on, Nithya Raghunath pursued a post-graduate diploma in child psychology. She realized that even today, with the availability of resources and opportunities, students are lost. 93 percent of students in India do not have much idea about different
careers in each stream, in each subject. Nithya started Holistic Career Guidance to guide students in need of a nudge in the right direction, towards a life and career that is right for them.

Holistic Career Guidance is known for its promising services in the field of career counseling. “I offer a wide range of services which includes Psychological counseling, Career counseling, Parent counseling, Psychometric Test, Stream selection, College selection, both in India and overseas Student Profile building Roadmap, and so on. Apart from all these, our website has all the resources a student needed to select the right stream, course, and college. One can compare courses and colleges and take an informed decision. I have an app as well where students can work on different assignments and virtual internships and earn certificates which help them build their profile for college applications”, shares Nithya Raghunath, Founder, Holistic Career Guidance.

The idea of career counselling came into the mind of the Founder, Nithya Raghunath since she had always aspired to follow her dreams

Nithya Raghunath is a solopreneur but she gives credit to her mentors from university and family members which consists of a good mix of counselors, meditation practitioners, therapists, healers, corporate leaders, and managers who have supported her in her ups and downs. She intends to be a mentor and a guide to her team. Nithya Raghunath likes to have a mix of freshers, youngsters, and experienced people on her team so fresh ideas and experience churn together. She is a lifetime member of AIEF which gives her an edge over others in terms of knowledge and skillset.

Future roadmap
Over the period, Holistic Career Guidance is getting recognition and expanding its network. It has collaborated with Trans Stadia University to admit undergraduates and with Soft Clay, a mobile app that enables students to research and apply for jobs, complete coursework, and earn credentials. In addition, they receive lifetime access to the app and its features, including access to expert presentations and webinars. Holistic Career Guidance wants to collaborate with educational institutions to host career awareness and life skills courses and webinars. in addition to promoting courses and working with institutions to facilitate application and incubation. It also plans to provide internships and extracurricular activities for students in years to come.