IBJA Gold: Etch Your Story in Gold

Deepak Tulsian ,Business Head
Deepak Tulsian, Business Head

Indian consumers are quite picky when it comes to gifting. They have preferences for 'usable/valuable' gifts as opposed to the 'show' gifts. Gold coin is equivalent to asset gifting and brings emotional significance to people. It is a premium gifting option for all occasions including Wedding, Festival, Anniversary, Birthday, Baby Shower, Farewell, Teacher’s Day, Corporate Gifting, Important Milestones, and others. Mumbai-based IBJA Gold, an initiative of India Bullion and Jewellers Association in partnership with Rajesh Wadhawan Group is simplifying the experience of gifting for consumers through its offline and online platform(, where users can browse through 800+ ready designs, as well as make a customized coin with their unique message, design, or image engraved on it. It has explicitly set up for promoting premium gifting option for every occasion in India.

Deepak Tulsian, Business Head – Jewellery, IBJA Gold,explains
“The biggest challenge of online gifting is that it doesn’t provide the same touch and feel comfort that consumers otherwise get while shopping offline in stores. The
advantage of gifting gold and silver coins is that they are fairly standardized products and don’t require touch and feel. It makes our products an ideal gift for every occasion.”

"IBJA Gold enables its customers to express their emotions by etching their personalized messages in gold"

First of its kind Online & Offline Gifting Store in India
IBJA Gold launched its first store in Mumbai along with an online store in September 2016. It has expanded into multiple channels including online marketplaces(,, 150+ jewelers, and direct Corporates.

Today, IBJA Gold offers unique and unlimited designs of gold and silver coins, along with exclusive and tamper-evident packaging, IBJA Assurance of quality and premium-ness, 24 carats purity, and reliable customer service. “Our gold coins are available from 1 gm up to 100 gm denomination, and silver coins from 10 gm up to 1kg bars. We also offer customized designs for Corporates, Wedding,and Personalized gifting purposes,” mentions Deepak.

IBJA Gold takes great pride in its service offering, where the company provides unlimited designs of gold coins, mirror finish, IBJA assurance, and exclusive packaging. Besides this, IBJA Gold offers customized designs wherein a customer can get their personalized text or design engraved within 48 Hrs.
Most important of all, IBJA Gold enables its customers to express their emotions by etching their personalized messages in gold. “It is a new way to make your loved ones feel special. Now, don’t just gift gold coin, gift your personalized story through a gold coin that can last for generations,” asserts Deepak.

Heavily investing in innovation,IBJA Gold is currently developing a technology model in their website, where the customers can upload image, text, or design and see the preview of personalized coin instantly online. It gives the customers an easy way to create their custom coins and see it before buying.

The Golden Opportunity ahead of IBJA Gold
In the past two years, IBJA Gold business has seen exponential growth. From a single store and online website in 2016 to currently supplying to 150+ jewelers, and 40+ corporate clients, to launching their first Franchisee store in Delhi this year, the company plans to roll out 10+ more stores in a year’s time. Recently, the company launched IBJA Gold Gift cards, which are available at denominations from INR 1000 – INR 50,000. It offers the gift recipients freedom to select from their exquisitely crafted Gold/Silver coins collection. Excited about the future growth of the company, Deepak concludes “We have had frequent inquiries from international customers as well. We are looking for tie-ups in international markets to cater to local demands in those markets.”