inResto: The Complete Restaurant Operating System

Vijayan Parthasarathy & Vamsi Yalamanchili,Co-FoundersOne Saturday afternoon, Vijayan and Vamsi were waiting outside Toit, which is one of the busiest restaurants in Bangalore. There were around a hundred other people eagerly waiting for a table. Every five minutes, the crowd would rush towards the front desk to check the status. It was absolute chaos. The dumbstruck hosts instead of engaging with the customers were busy trying to figure out the waiting list with registers.

Being a part of the crowd there and seeing this, the duo started to discuss the possibilities to address this problem once and for all. By the time they got the table, they realized how a smart waiting list management system could dramatically transform the way restaurants handle busy hours and enhance customer expectations. This led to the ideation of inResto in 2014 where the primary idea was to create a queue management system. This metamorphosed over the next three years into a complete Restaurant Management suite.

Focused on Food & Customer...
At present, inResto is the leading restaurant tech solution
services across the food-tech ecosystem. The company has helped make operations for restaurants easier and more efficient in various ways and has helped businesses focus on the important aspect - i.e., food and customer service. The system takes care of a restaurant's complete technology needs and help restaurants recognize, personalize and re-engage with its customers thereby increasing their
providers that connect various revenue and help establishments make informed business decisions based on the data collected. “We offer a suite of products that help restaurants manage their tables, menus, home delivery systems, feedback, loyalty programmes, engagement campaigns, white label apps and websites, and even in-restaurant ordering. We feel these not only help restaurants become more efficient and productive, but it also helps make the whole dining experience for customers more personalised and pleasant.” mentions Vijayan Parthasarathy, Co-Founder & CEO, In Resto.

inResto has essentially eased operations for restaurants in a wide variety of ways and has helped businesses focus on the important aspects, which is ‘food and customer service’

These products can help a wide range of restaurants - from QSRs to fine dining establishments to casual restaurants and bars. “Restaurants and cafes can choose from our range of
products to fit their requirements and their budgets,” avers Vamsi Yalamanchili, Co-Founder, inResto.

inResto's Growth Story
In 2015, Dineout, a part of Times Internet Limited - one of India’s largest table reservation service providers acquired inResto. This transformed the overall perspective of the business, and the acquisition helped the company access all the existing partners of Dineout. Due to the existing relationships that Dineout had at that time with more than 5,000 restaurants it was easy to scale up inResto's client base. Also, inResto helped Dineout scale down its call center as table reservations could now be managed by the restaurant using inResto Queue and the Dashboard. “We seat close to 600,000 entries of feedback every month for restaurants to analyze, quantify their performance, and make changes for the better,” says Vijayan.

What's in Store?
Sailing against the wind, inResto is aiming to enable technology from valet to valet. “The idea is to recognize our customers from the moment they give their car to the valet, identify their reservation, give a personalised experience based on their past visits, to accept the payment with ease, collect valuable feedback, notify the valet to bring their car around while they pay the bill and have the car ready by the time they exit the restaurant,” explains Vijayan.

Vamsi further adds, “We are seriously working towards this vision and we hope this would be possible by the end of 2018.”