InsysTechnologies: Imparting Exceptional IT Training Programs to Students and Working Professionals

Shesh Kumar Upadhyay,   Founder & Director

Shesh Kumar Upadhyay

Founder & Director

The advent of Information Technology (IT) has changed the day-to-day lives in the human world and having a sound knowledge about computers is thus always in demand in today’s world. Insys Technologies offers IT training programs in Thane, Mumbai being a pioneer in providing a comprehensive range of IT learning solutions to help aspiring professionals in the field of IT. It has been working rigorously to be one of the best solutions providers in imparting knowledge and training in information technology and other technologies. It has gained success over the years in uplifting talent development programs by providing high-end courses in Data Science, Cloud Computing, IT-IMS (Networking and Server), Web App Development, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to IT professionals.

“All our courses are designed by the experts from the IT domain to help our students gain in-depth knowledge about the contemporary technology as well as build a better career ahead,” says Shesh Kumar, the Founder & Director of the company. Offering a wide range of courses implementing the latest technologies with high-end lab infrastructure and globally certified trainers, all its courses enable its students to achieve their desired goals. The courses also encourage and help the students to shape their careers in the long run as professionals with an innovative and futuristic approach to teaching and learning theories.

“We are here to develop world-class professionals who are well equipped and trained to make a positive impact with technology, theories, and skills across the global platform,” Shesh adds. Insys’s array of courses includes Software Courses, Hardware & Networking, IT-IMS (Networking and Server), Cloud Computing, Data Science, Web App Development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, Python, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Certification (MCSA), CISCO Certification (CCNA), RedHat Linux (RHEL), Cyber Security, Software Testing, and Digital Marketing.

“We also offer a robust Placement Cell ensuring that our students get the right exposure to obtain the best job offers available in the market today,” Shesh states proudly. Insys has the ideal placement cell for recruiters and budding professionals, where both get the opportunity to meet and interact with each other, share resumes, and discuss work experiences. With its dedicated placement cell for its students, the company has created a digital platform for both the employers and the students for collaboration and finding significant alliances. Delivering rich corporate training, Insys also has a clear vision of the technologies that are in huge demand among employers. On the other hand, it helps the students to develop a job-specific curriculum and quality training that meet all industry demands.
However, to offer such placement exposure, Insys trains the working professionals as industry ready to go in along with offering modular courses for working professionals, internship, projects, and guidance with rightful training for students. It also offers consultancy to project development, placement and assistance in personality development aligned with hands-on workshops. Designed with expertise from the IT domain, the courses are taught by experienced and certified faculty members with excellent know-how shaping the future of their students. “We take care of all of our students through one-on-one attention given to them by allowing them to choose flexible batch timings,” Shesh confirms.

“We also offer a robust Placement Cell ensuring that our students get the right exposure to obtain the best job offers available in the market today

Courses imparted to build experts in different domains
“Our Data Science training course introduces our students to a collection of powerful, open-source tools needed to analyze data and to conduct data science,” Shesh adds. As the demand for skilled data science professionals is increasing rapidly, the training given at Insys prepares the professionals to handle real-world data analysis challenges.

Insys’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) course impart foundational machine learning algorithms including data cleaning and supervised models. It executes deep and unsupervised learning along with obtaining practical experience by applying their skills in practicing coding exercises and projects.

Through the Cloud Computing training program Insys helps its students to become an expert in Designing, Planning, and Scaling Public and Private cloud implementation. This course helps in mastering the core skills required to design and deploy scalable and reliable applications on the top three cloud platform providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP.

IT Infrastructure Management System (IT-IMS) in networking and server is designed to build the career of a working professional in the advanced networking and server management domain. This intensive training module of the course starts with the easy learning of basic computer operation, hardware knowledge, advanced networking, and server concept.

Its Web Application Development offers a full-stack course that breaks down the fundamentals of each technology required to become a full-stack developer. This course is extremely beneficial for professionals who want to be stack developers.

All these programs in addition to other programs such as Cyber Security, Software Testing, Digital Marketing, etc. are certified at the national as well as the international level. This certification training allows the students to stay well prepared for any challenging tasks in the world of IT as and when they obtain their dream job. Striding to provide the best to its pupils, Insys is thus determined to continue providing the best-in-class training to its students in the long run.