McTURING: India's First Smart Consumer Electronics D2C Brand

Aditya More,  CEO & Founder

Aditya More

CEO & Founder

The emergence of industrial robots and technological advancements fuel the use of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners across industries, including healthcare, automotive, and manufacturing industries. The market is expected to significantly grow during FY2023-FY2027. This surge in demand for robotic vacuum cleaners has thus prompted the growth of companies developing the same. Maharashtra-based McTURING is leading giant in this industry. McTURING is an Indian high tech brand, specializing in research and development of artificial intelligence technology and production of Smart robotic products.

Established in the year 2018 at Nashik, “Turing Eastland Private Limited” are a Private Limited based firm, engaged as the foremost Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Trader, Exporter and Importer of Motion Detector, Door Lock and many more. “Our smart products, software’s and controllers provide the speed,reliability and security coupled with the power and convenience of connected services,” says Aditya More, CEO and Founder at McTURING.

McTURING believes in data driven consumer centric D2C approach which enables it to precisely understand the customer needs and attain the end goal of customer satisfaction. Its commitment to new and emerging technologies and support for established technologies makes McTURING the right choice. The company firmly believes that every individual deserves to live intelligently. Everyone deserves a safer, smarter life and McTURING provides that Intelligence, Safety and Luxury at a time.

A Range of Flagship Offering
McTURING is India’s first D2C smart consumer electronics brand. The company has indigenously developed robotic home appliances. Its flagship products are its Robotic Vacuum cleaners, McTURING currently has 4 different models of Robotic Vacuums and also has robotic surveillance cameras, gas sensors and many more smart home appliances. These products are fully automatic app controlled robotic appliances.
It enables user to explore an AI driven futuristic experience of lifestyle.

With quick ability to adapt home environment, no surface is a problem for McTURING’s robots. It can clean all types of surface and will detect the change in height if there is a rug on the surface or any other item and can smoothly transition between a rug, floor, tiles, carpet or any other surface. It has an in-built AI powered object detection, 2D mapping system and can be voice controlled through smartphone. Wood floor, tiles floor, marble floor, short plush carpet can all be cleaned using these robots to name a few. Moreover, it has an electrically controlled water tank that makes it easier to be cleaned at home. “Our intelligent robots have many functions like auto charging, resume cleaning, anti fall ,anti tangling and anti collision and more”, adds Aditya.

McTURING is one of the successful brand in D2C segment and has recently won the global excellence award 2022

Also, the company’s new Laser Navigation System 2.0 works with an upgraded SLAM algorithm for real time mapping, faster speed, higher accuracy, and longer scanning range. The robot smartly deals with complicated surroundings and scans the entire floor meticulously. One of McTURING’s customer, while appreciating the product said, “This Robotic Vacuum cleaner performance was really amazing than I expected. From the best packaging to the best performance, everything feels premium and worth the money I invested.

Onward and Upward
McTURING has established itself as an Indian brand equipped with 10 Years suction motor warranty and 1.5 Years of product warranty with best in class technical support. Its products are built with the highest quality and vigorous research and development in cleaning technology. McTURING is one of the successful brand in D2C segment and has recently won the global excellence award 2022. McTURING is India’s first OEM for robotic vacuum cleaners.

Currently, McTURING is soon launching commercial grade smart robot vacuum cleaner, which enables user to fully automate commercial cleaning process. McTURING is also focusing to make other home appliances smart. It will be adding 5 more smart home robotic appliances and has set a sales target of deploying 30000 pieces. In terms of geographical expansion, McTURING’s product will soon hit markets of Middle East, South Africa, South Asia and Europe.

Abiding by its mission of enabling people to live a smarter and more intelligent life, McTURING hopes to become one of the best Data driven consumer centric smart consumer electronics brand with professional, polite customer experience and astonishing user experience.