Pirimid Fintech: Dedicated to Solving Financial Challenges by Leveraging Cutting Edge Technology

 Nirav Prajapati,  Founder & CEO

Nirav Prajapati

Founder & CEO

In India, there has been an explosion of fintech innovation with promising players surfing the tides of opportunities. Today, India is one of the world's fastest growing Fintech markets. This has elevated India to the world's leading financial and startup nation. Further, this is coupled with the advancements in technologies such as AI/ML and its integration by the players in the space. Thereby, widening the horizon for more possibilities and innovation. Having said that, offering products and solutions requires a very strong financial background, as well as the expertise in the overall development of the financial industry and its related services and solutions.

Today, we talk about Pirimid Fintech which has been bridging this gap between financial services and tech development for more than five years now. Utilizing cutting edge methodologies and technologies, Pirimid Fintech builds solutions based on the requirement of the client predominantly. The company brings indepth expertise when it comes to offering objective driven financial services. The company is spearheaded by Nirav Prajapati who has been passionate about building new businesses and products, exploring new technologies and contributing to the startup ecosystem. With a decade of unparalleled experience in the fintech domain, he has been well versed with open banking, account aggregation, OCEN, digital lending, large scale trading systems and more.

“We have a very diversified customer base across varied industry verticals. That gives us a good edge over a lot of other competitors, where we deeply understand capital markets, banking, lending, and API based systems. So, we have built a very large scale system where people sitting in New York are trading with Australia. We have built a very large scale global distributed platform”, says Nirav Prajapati, Founder & CEO, Pirimid Fintech.

The company has carved a niche for itself in building innovative trading systems across different asset classes, from equities, forex trading, to fixed income trading among others. This is applicable both at the institutional and retail levels. Pirimid Fintech is one of the very few players today with the necessary skill set to create end-to-end multi-asset trading systems.
The company consulting services spans around Capital Markets (Order and Execution management systems, Low latency, High Frequency, REST/FIX API Trading, Risk and Compliance, Algorithmic Trading, Big Data and Analytics, Matching Engine, Dark Pool, and ECN), Banking, Payments, Wallet (Open Banking APIs, RPA, Big Data, Machine Learning & Cloud Computing, Mobile/Online Banking Systems, Apps, Chatbots, Complete NBFC Solutions, and Digital Wallet Creation), Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (Develop AI Product Strategy, Deep Learning & Predictive Analytics, Model building and management, Experimentation services, Sentiment Analysis, and Stock Directional Networks).

Pirimid Fintech has a very diversified customer base across varied industry verticals, where it deeply understand capital markets, banking, lending, and API based systems

Driving the Needed Innovation
The company's flagship offering is Robo Advisory, which assists in portfolio management using technology-based valid suggestions. This solution is customizable to the clients' business models and has robust analytics and modeling engines, making it the preferred alternative world wide. Its AI-based stock ranking technology allows users to establish automated portfolios in seconds and obtain trading/rebalancing advice. Customers are given individualized portfolios in which the platform can determine the end goal of the investment as well as the risk profile of each individual in order to provide the optimum asset class allocation satisfying their investment and risk criteria.

Further, it also provides adaptive AI-based trading advice; personalized advisory can be offered by employing its proprietary and adaptive AI/ML stock rating algorithms. To top it all off, the solution may be delivered as a web or mobile app. Furthermore, the organization has a lot of different forms of data, structure, answer structured data, and then analyzing that data of the many types of use cases to make sense of the data.

“Speaking of a case study, one of our MNC clients established a division focused on fixed income trading. This was the pilot product we were about to develop. We began developing this solution around fixed income trading with a strong team of seasoned individuals. Today, they have over 30 clients on this product, and it is one of their primary growth areas”, highlights Nirav.

Recently, Pirimid Fintech is also working with an Indian client in the lending space, where the company is aiding them to digitize their end-to-end digital lending process. Pirimid also leverages a sea of data from which it structures and analyzes varied use cases to make just the right decisions.

Going forward, Pirimid Fintech would be opening up a couple of sales offices in Dubai, Singapore and the US to get its foot in some of those regions where there are a lot of FinTech opportunities.