Speculur: Making Cricket Smart with BatSense

Atul Srivastava,Founder & CEO

Atul Srivastava

Founder & CEO

Bangalore based smart wearables company, Gaames Speculur, spearheaded by sports industry experts and technologists - is known to revolutionise sports training and performance, through the use of smart sensors, data and advanced analytics. The smart wearable sensors developed by GaamesSpeculur are able to collect never-seen-before data points and share this unbiased data on a real time basis with users.

Speculur is a brain child of Atul Srivastava. Prior to venturing into Speculur, Atul and his team have managed India’s largest pool of cricketing stars which included players like Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin, Karun Nair, Manish Pandey, Parthiv Patel, and David Warner amongst others, many of whom they continue to manage even today. The idea of wearable technology came about in early 2015. Atul noticed that whenever asked about his cricket coaching, his 13 year old son always gave very generic and limited information, more in the
form of words or expressions, but nothing tangible. Atul soon realised that this was also the case with the more advanced cricket players, regardless of the level they played at. Evidently, there was no quantifiable data for any of the practice sessions which cricketers – like his son and others attended, nearly 200 days a year. This disturbed his mind as he could clearly sense the gap and went looking for a solution, which resulted in the idea that led to BatSense.

Speculur is building a data-driven ecosystem that will create a connected community of smart players, bringing fans closer to the game, and redefining the way sport is played, watched, followed and analyzed.

'BatSense'- Unlock Your Best Cricket Performance '
The spectacular launch at the ICC Champions Trophy – 2017 of the BatSense technology - powered by Intel, took the cricketing world by storm. Commentators, journalists, media, analysts, coaches as well as the players, were all blown away with the greatest innovation in cricketing technology, ever seen. David Warner, the flamboyant Australian opener and
brand ambassador of ‘BatSense’ has been an active user of the product over the past many months. Warner puts it all in perspective when he says, “There is a lot of technology that is aimed at “how to get me out (videos), but before BatSense came along, there hasn’t been any technology that is squarely aimed at helping me improve my batting, by showing me my data, shot parameters and critical insights into my batting on a real time basis. With the help of ‘BatSense’, I now know the time between back-lift and impact of the ball, the speed of the bat during impact, the maximum bat speed across the whole swing, the angles from vertical of the bat at the final follow-through point, the tip of the back-lift and the point of impact. All of this comes together to help maximise the value of a net session. It allows players like me to work on very specific aspects of my batting and know exactly what I am doing right and what I need to improve. This is a terrific addition to the game and an absolute must have for batsmen across all levels.”

Building a Data-Driven Ecosystem
Across a span of two challenging years, the company’s untiring hard work and commitment has finally paid off and the product will soon be available to cricket enthusiast, coaching institutes, and players in Australia, India, and England. It is likely to be launched, through the web-store, on 15th of November 2017.