Vantage Fit : Determined to Change the Future of Workforce

Anjan Pathak,   Co-Founder & CTO

Anjan Pathak

Co-Founder & CTO

Employers across the globe are looking for tangible ways to engage their modern workforce to enhance their productivity which is directly related to employee well-being. Corporate wellness programs have evolved over the years, and recently many players have been offering customized programs to help employers keep their workforce healthy and active. However, ease of operation and proper use of technology are critical factors these healthtech companies are trying to solve. One company that has successfully integrated AI to improve employee experience is Vantage Circle, which has stepped up to offer Vantage Fit, a cost-effective platform empowering employees and HRs to track overall well-being.

Vantage Fit is a complete AI-Powered wellness solution for seamlessly implementing corporate wellness programs to nurture a healthy and engaged work force. “Vantage Fit is a leading provider of corporate wellness solutions that is determined to give employees guidance in leading a better life. It also provides organizations an opportunity to increase revenue in terms of productivity”, says Anjan Pathak, Co-Founder & CTO, Vantage Circle.

A corporate wellness platform, Vantage Fit is designed to enable HRs to create holistic and engaging wellness programs for positive and productive work culture and work life balance. The platform can be connected to
any existing wearable device and track an employee's activity. Even if employees don’t have a wearable, their activity can be monitored via mobile phones. The AI-powered squat tracker can help employees track and improve their squat exercises. App-based assessments provide employee health scores and identify areas of improvement.

More than 5000 employees participated in the 30-day walkathon & the participating teams completed around 100,00,00,000+ steps & burned around 46,000,000 KCal

A host of features of the platform enable HRs to create complete wellness engagement programs like contests and challenges, and reward employees based on their performance. HRs can leverage weekly step challenges, walkathons, distance based contests, and health campaigns to increase employee engagement. The admin dashboard gives HRs visibility into employee progress and the overall health and wellness of the organization. They can also provide monetary and non-monetary benefits through the app and ensure that the health budget is redeemed only for health offerings.

For its clients, Vantage Fit has become the one-stop solution for corporate wellness programs, where they can create and accurately quantify wellness results. For example, Landmark Group wished to spread health cognition among their employees. They created a walkathon using Vantage Fit, the inhouse event to increase employee health, wellness, and overall fitness levels. The results were tremendous. “More than 5000 employees participated in the 30-day walkathon, and the participating teams completed around 100,00,00,000+ steps and burned around 46,000,000 KCal”, says Anjan.

In the coming days, Vantage Fit will focus on onboarding new partners to provide multiple options to HRs across all aspects of wellness. A recent addition to the platform is a journey challenge, where an individual challenge can be broken down into smaller milestones. These milestones serve as tombstones along the way and help track progress and provide a sense of accomplishment to the individual users. Fostering healthy behavior and a mindful work environment is at the core of Vantage Fit. The company wishes to build a community within the organization to create a culture of growth and wellness. An organization’s productivity is an essential measure of its success as a business, and Vantage fit aims to play a vital role in influencing the same.