1702 Digital: Deploying Marketing & Analytics To Propel Business Growth

Aanchal Arora,FounderDigital Marketing is constantly evolving. The need for standardization is ironically growing too. However, when it comes to the understanding of digital mediums, most enterprises in India are 3-4 years behind other companies in the West. Hence, there is a massive scope to set up processes that lead to new offerings and perfecting the existing ones. These new offerings give the service providers another chance to up-sell to existing clients and solve their digital needs even more exhaustively.

1702 Digital, a full-service marketing agency, in the past two quarters has added SEO, Programmatic media buying, UI development, Chatbot development, Marketing Automation, Whatsapp Marketing, and Offline Marketing to its list of services. The company has seen a transition from a Digital-only agency to an integrated marketing agency that offers a plethora of services. Aanchal Arora, Founder, 1702 Digital, proudly says, "Our methodology of quick learning and unlearning in marketing is the secret to our continued progress. The way we align everyone from top to bottom, to enter the office each day with a mission to learn more than what we knew yesterday, is our secret to disruptive growth. Our continued thankfulness and resolve to make our partners, team, vendor reaches their respective aims is the backbone of our disruptive growth."

The Journey of Transformation
"1702 was an accident. However, not all accidents are bad," remarks Mihir Joshi, Co-Founder, 1702 Digital. It all started when Aanchal Arora and Mihir Joshi, a capital markets lawyer and investment banker duo,
started looking for digital marketing service providers for the financial ed-tech product that they were building. To their surprise, despite helping a lot of start-ups with their go-to-market strategy, when they quit their corporate jobs, they had no plans of switching professions and starting a core marketing agency. It was only after meeting a lot of digital marketing agencies for their products that they realized that there were huge need gaps in the industry.

Since then, there has been no looking back for them. Today, the company has grown to become an integral part of many successful brands and large entities. "It took days and nights of hard work, some amazingly fresh creative mindsets, and 24*7 client services to reach this level," shares Aanchal, modestly.

Making a difference in the industry, few of their campaigns include #SAD Party for Smaaash, #OdishaHockeyWorldCup for Odisha Government during Men's Hockey World Cup 2018, World Heart Day for Fortune Rice Bran Oil (#DilSePyaar Campaign), #MaastiKiBaarish for AdlabsImagica, #KeepMum Campaign and many more.

1702 Digital primarily understands brands' need to get the best returns out of their digital marketing investments

"Performance Driven Marketing (PDM) is our USP. Through this, we deliver valuable insights that help optimize campaigns according to the best CPA. This makes advertising and campaigns more transparent, and hence enables our clients to build strategies with proven ROI," states Mihir. More importantly, 1702 Digital primarily understands brands' need to get the best returns out of their digital marketing investments, and thus, provides them with tailored solutions that are performance-driven.

Creating a WOW Experience
Based in Mumbai, the company has come a long way from where it all started. Founded by a team of investment bankers, lawyers and consultants from the big 4s, the company is one of the very few advertising agencies worldwide that demonstrate not just returns, but sharp business acumen in their work, coupled with marketing and analytics capabilities.

Scaling new heights, the company has made a turnover in crores in the span of 20 months. 1702 is where its peers reached in almost half a decade. “We are bootstrapped at the moment. We celebrate the fact that we're a self-financed digital marketing agency. Our growth attributes to our uniqueness, and we didn't rise alone! Our unparalleled revenue and team strength when plotted against time have helped us create multiple success stories," concludes Aanchal, happily, "we will not rest until we WOW our clients!"