19dots: Providing Organic Digital To Its Clients

Jaya Prasad,FounderIn the mobile first world where people are spending on an average more than 5 hours a day on different devices content supremacy is a must. Today every brand is whining for attention on digital and therefore meaningful content is a must.

The campaigns are an effective way for user engagement and lead generations. Based out of Gurugram, 19Dots started in the year 2020. It helps its clients stand out in the noise of digital media by providing creative content solutions to brands,individuals, and mostly solopreneurs for making a mark in the social media space with an organic footprint, 10X times than regular FB, Google ads. The company tries to associate brands with meaningful communication through marketing tie-ups or brand collaborations, reducing media spends.

19Dots provides all the latest formats ­ 3D, AI, videos, GIF at very workable prices made to support solopreneurs. It is equipped with the latest technology and the team is about globally connected to grow your footprint across geographies. They recently tied up with an Amsterdam based agency, Visual Villans, and a Mumbai-based internal communication agency It is different from the others because it does a lot of collaborative initiatives for providing personalized media space for individuals who truly believe in the campaign.

Working Towards Women Driven Causes
19dots provides time to time free training programs through its resources and knowledge space helping individuals, mostly women solopreneurs. It is also actively

involved in women driven causes, for helping them towards employment and meaningful work by creating campaigns with social causes. It recently did a fund raising event as a partner with Sewa International and Jubin Nautiyal 'Umeed Ke Sur' in July 2021.

Social media is evolving in India with multiple players in the current scenario. A sudden shift from regular advertising with an inclination towards digital campaigns has created more opportunities. Content holds a significant relevance and rules the entire space. The viewer engage ment also plays a major role as more share and engagement on the content, creates a greater impact on the entire fanbase.

19Dots provides all the latest formats ­ 3D, AI, videos, GIF at very workable prices made to support solopreneurs

The pandemic situation has not affected the company except the fact that massive kind of communication has become more data-driven, personalized, and experimentative. 19dots is dedicated to brand building. It is looking forward to work with individuals and solopreneurs who are steadily looking to build brands, working long term, and building mutual trust along with chartering their growth. This will also reduce their advertising spends on social platforms. Organic digital is something that is unexplored in India and the company is offering this unique solution to its clients.

Devising a Strategy by Understanding Client Painpoints
19dots has a lean team but senior team who are mighty professionals in the industry because of their knowledge, experience in handling large format brands and networking. The company engages in thorough research for its clients and is a clear winner when it comes to any promotion or communication. It devises the perfect strategy for its clients by understanding their challenges and pain points each time for better visibility and lead generation.

At the present, the company is growing at a steady rate with some meaningful projects in hand. It has done some films for Rational AG and has been working for Plasser India. It has launched Cakewalk, Ramisera Wilds. The team at 19dots has managed and handled Thapar Institute for six years in the past doing its entire branding and creative strategy across platforms. Recently, they partnered with Sewa International for Covid19 Relief funding Uttarakhand with Jubin Nautiyal. They are managing social media channels of My Furniture My Way and few B2B clients.

It is looking forward to meaningful opportunities and is keen on good partnerships. The core competency lies in digital creative content and is launching its application around this.