3MBK Technologies: Enabling A Dynamic Future

Ranju S V,Founder & MD

Ranju S V

Founder & MD

What started with just two members in 2015 is now a full-fledged company providing cutting-edge innovative solutions in various spectrums like Software Development, Mobile App Development, Website Design and Development, and Digital Marketing. 3MBK Technologies guide its clients through the ever-changing business landscapes. "We help our clients to achieve outstanding results with the help of technology. We offer software solutions to all types of businesses that will suit their current requirement and can also be configured to grow with the business," says Ranju S V, Founder & MD.

The journey of 3MBK Technologies dates back to a time when Ranju began his career in Dubai as a software engineer working with Sun Insurance Brokers, Dubai. This was post his short stint as a trainee for six months in Technopark. Sun Insurance Brokers was one of the topmost Insurance Broking companies in Dubai dealing with multiple insurance products ­ and being associated with the company gave him enough exposure to the insurance domain. Being a technology enthusiast, he kept progressing from Windows application development to Web, UI design, Database design, and then also to Mobile Application development. Armed with the confidence of leading software development right from design to deploy, he set out to create 3MBK Technologies. He also had immense support from his wife who is also a Software Engineer at Emirates Airlines.

"Medical insurance is an ever changing landscape especially in the Middle East. With each passing day, regulations and laws to address data privacy and transparency of insurance handling keeps changing. So we have to be on our toes and align to industry standards rapidly else the client will be penalized. In our initial days, once a competitor of our client tried to bring down our system. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise, because we fought back, sometimes working nights in a row, and recovered and helped our client get back on its feet. Now all our developers are trained to understand that the first place to ensure security is at the code level. Security testing is emphasized by our testing team too. We also work with clients to perform security and penetration tests on the software to ensure nothing is missed," informs Ranju.

The Silver Lining
As software Solutions Company, the crux of the organization is certainly the agile development and testing team. Lack of redundant hierarchy levels ensure better accountability and commitment from the people who actually do the work, resulting in faster deliveries. "We are both a product and service-based company. Our main products are in the healthcare domain. We have Medilinez©- which is an Insurance Management Suite for Insurance companies, Insurance Third Party Administrators, Brokers and Medical Providers like Hospitals and Clinics. Other products include DRL©- Revenue Cycle Management, Clinical Management systems. We also provide mobile apps for these applications," informs Ranju.

The company's services also include website designing and logo designing. "We work alongside the client and provide customizations to fasten their business process. We understand that time is money, so we have perfected many time-saving
features in our applications. We also strive to keep our designs clean and fresh, easy to navigate, requiring minimal user training," he avers.

An Edge Over Others
As a startup, 3MBK's initiatives mostly revolve around creating efficiency in business operations by automating manual processes where possible. "We are now at the drawing board, with a plan to develop an innovative product that will cater to our Indian audience. Till date, we worked without any funding or investor support. We are considering looking for an investor to support our vision, if the right person, who believes in it just as we do, comes along, we will be open for business," mentions Ranju.

The company started its operations in Kowdiar, Trivandrum with two members and to date, houses a team of 25+. The team is based in UAE and India, specifically in Kerala, Technopark and Kowdiar. 90 per cent of its client base is in the UAE, whereas the remaining 10 per cent clients are from US and France. 3MBK is committed to continue protecting their data, and make it easier on their daily operations by an efficient handling of data and processes. "Anybody not focusing on how to utilize robotic process automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become redundant soon. The next focus for our team will be in these avenues," he concludes.

As a startup, 3mbk's initiatives mostly revolve around creating efficiency in business operations by automating manual processes where possible

Message From The Founder
"We at 3mbk understand no two clients are the same. There is always room for improvement, a different and much better way to do something. Sometimes moving a manual process to a nightly job can save millions of rupees annually. Developers should understand the big picture, why are they writing a piece of code. How does it help the end user? What will their code do to a business? They must understand the huge responsibility that's placed in their hands. At 3mbk, i ensure that my team knows the big picture. The impact they make to a business.

Beautiful design and efficient workflows contributes to productivity in business in unimaginable ways. Whatever we develop in software, it should have a design that had some thinking that went into it. If it is a website, who will be the users of this page? Will colour blind people be able to navigate this page? If the software is going to be accessed on a tablet, how far are the buttons placed from the thumb positions? How many mouse clicks will be required to complete a form? How long does it take to generate a report?

A client when they decide to trust us, we know how important it is to honor that trust. That comes with an ownership of the services that their business renders and working as a team.

“3mbk is committed to continue protecting their data, and make it easier on their daily operations by an efficient handling of data and processes”

Medical Insurance Management System(MIMS)
Medlinez is a sophisticated, comprehensive web-based, third party medical insurance administrative (tpa) solution aiming to simplify the insurance processes. Medlinez is specially designed to make the complete claim processing cycle smooth. Medlinez specializes in providing multitude of services to –
• Third Party Administrator
• Administrative Service Organization
• Independent Physicians Organization
• Other Healthcare Claim Processing Organization

Medlinez portal is an all-encompassing smart solution which provides members, providers, employers and brokers the information they need, via secure gateway through their pre- defined user roles. By using medlinez the work load of the insurance companies can be greatly reduced, as it has fully integrated modules for ­
• Administration of plan and policy
• Billing and reporting
• Financial statements
• Plan documents
• Record keeping
• Claims processing
• Policy management
• Auto integration using web services

Hospital Management System(HMS)
The company offers a wide range of solutions for hospitals to for better management. It varies from offering the entire suite of hospital management modules to giving specific modules that can be integrated in to the current system for better performance. The team listens to their client's requirements and develops the industry best solutions.
Some of its features are:
• Ease of use
• User interface simplified
• All possible scenarios handled
• Can handle large volumes of data