3Not Robotics: Intelligent User-Friendly Robots at Service

Kuldeep Wadaskar,FounderThe world has natural phenomena of casting aspersions on people whose line of thinking seem to be a little off-centre. Many great innovators received shrewd criticism on their quirky ideas which were later celebrated as significant inventions. The same thing betided on Kuldeep Wadaskar whose innovativeness was brushed aside. This rebuff engendered him to probe his passion and construct an empire of his own. His earnest interest in technology in-spired him to put in place a venture concerning AI & Robotics. Being fervoured about going beyond the stereotypes, Kuldeep a first generation entrepreneur laid the foundations of 3Not Robotics, a technology platform that puts forth retail robots used in super markets, restaurants, and others. "I have always dreamt of doing something of my own but could not get proper exposure. Being a 90's kid, we had only one T.V channel and that was Doordarshan. I have spent some precious time watching the various animated series. In some of these shows, some cartoon devices were seen to be talking and interacting with the other cartoon characters. This infused in me the idea of developing robots that could interact with human beings in real life. To be honest, I have always dreamt of living in a world where Robots are serving food in restaurants." narrates Kuldeep Wadaskar, Founder, 3Not Robotics.

What is it all about?
3Not Robotics is adding a whole new dimension to every aspect of human lives. It
is more just a business idea in fact it is a step towards a new age revolution. As previously described, it has been developing advanced Robots including Social humanoid as well. These automatons are designed with the objective assisting humans in their daily activities be it serving food or assisting people at any public places like airports, railway station and so and so forth. The specialties of these machines are that it requires zero maintenance charge and are available on rent basis as well. In essence, operating the Robot is as easy as operating a smartphones and it is capable of carrying out any task assigned to it. "Considering the needs and demands, we have designed Robots for Malls & Restaurants, banks, streets and other areas. We have created challenging products like Robot as a Service (RAAS). Some of our best products are Talkative Humanoid robot, Farming robot, Urban Tree Planting Robot," he adds.

3Not Robotics has been developing advanced Robots including Social humanoid as well

The company projects a unique product titled as Tree Planting & Monitoring Robot which is designed to regulate the act of planting and monitoring trees in congested urban areas. This will aid in seeding trees faster, curbing maintenance cost, wastes reduction and keeping a track of other such environmental activities. It has also got some interesting features which can be catalogued as Real Time Plant Health Reports, One Click Autonomy, Routine Maintenance Alert, Intelligent MachineVision, 8Hr Battery Backup, and last but not the least App for Remote Access.

The company has on boarded some best talented minds from the industry to give its objectives a definite shape. The products offered by it are the product of the innovative ideas and endeavour.

The Future
Rooted in Nagpur, this Robot manufacturing is growing inch by inch with its each innovative approach. Keeping its offerings available and affordable for the common man has enabled it to gain significant grounds in the market. On a bright note, 3Not Robotics in the upcoming time is planning to set its hand in developing futuristic products. It is accelerating towards fashioning Tree Planting & Farming Robot, High Payload Delivery & Sprayer Drones, and Flying Cars. 3Not Robotics is gearing up to accomplish its target of building 30 hi-tech Robots. "We are currently working on our plan of enable interactivity through humanoid robots which can be engaged in all the smart activities of the modern world.