3rdEYEinsight: Strategically enabling Businesses with Turn-around and Growth-hack Marketing

Ravi Sahgal, Founder ,Nandini Das Ghoshal, Associate Partner

Ravi Sahgal, Founder

Nandini Das Ghoshal, Associate Partner

Till some time ago, instant gratification or entertainment were the most used terms in brand building. Empathy and authenticity are now the buzzwords, with many brands trying to create meaningful content that resonates with the customers. Needless to say, empathy establishes an in-depth connect between the marketers and the consumers. Though believed to be a crucial aspect for business, still many brands lack sound marketing thinking. In fact, such businesses need the understanding of the "3rd Eye"– an invisible eye capable of perception beyond the ordinary sight, to transform themselves from 'Good to Great'.

That’s where Bangalore based 3rdEYEinsight, a strategic Marketing Learning and Brand Consulting company can come to their rescue. “We were constantly appalled by the plethora of brands and their expensive initiatives lacking consumer empathy - we decided to enable the marketers and business owners with insights and insight-led marketing strategies. Hence, we incorporated the 3rdEYEinsight,” says its Founder, Ravi Sahgal.

The company's focus is to be an accessible '3rd Eye' to ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs for fulfilling their dreams. A think tank of brand practitioners, 3rdEYEinsight's core philosophy is to formulate the business turn-around and growth strategies based on validated and deep insights.

“We firmly believe that insight driven brand & innovation sharpens customer-connect, and a deeper customer-connect drives sustainable business growth,” asserts Nandini Das Ghoshal, the Associate Partner.

"In consideration to the growing customers’ expectations and fast-paced advancements, 3rdEYEinsight strives to deliver customized learning experiences, solutions, and skills for today’s marketers."

3rdEYEinsight believes that insight discovery is not an accident but a process. The approach of the company is unique as it combines a scientific, process-oriented rigorous methodology with lateral thinking to deliver brand solutions driven by meaningful customer and category insights.

At the World Marketing Congress, Nov 2017 at Mumbai, 3rdEYEinsight demonstrated what it means to dive into 'real-life'conversations on categories, by conducting a live insights workshop. To keep it simple they tackled 'rice'... an important staple category. During the session, senior marketers spontaneously came up with their extremely evocative stories, associations and relevant tensions around rice... participants themselves were surprised.

“Interestingly, on scanning the content landscape, we found that most of 'real-life' conversation hooks were just not there. Hence we believe that at the least, all marketers, need to adopt this practice for their categories as a process”, explained Ravi and Nandini.

Strategy. Brand. Innovation

At 3rdEYEinsight, the marketing veterans with over four decades of experience offer the best insight-led thinking and winning marketing solutions. The company caters to those clients that have little marketing talent but keen to build a brand in a structured way, and product organizations with marketing but
struggling to break into certain segments due to lack of finesse in pulling together insights holistically for relevant story-telling. We also serve clients facing challenges in specific areas like Innovation platforms, Product Portfolio, Brand Architecture, Brand Identity development and those who want to enhance their Marketing capability through practical training.

As Interim CMOs, they work with the existing marketing set-ups to leverage robust creative and research agencies, along with hand-holding early-stage ventures to sharply define their market segments, product positioning and the right marketing mix. Additionally, its innovation process expertise backed by marketing experience creates exponential business-value through retreats and workshops.

Over one year, 3rdEYE insights been able to showcase exceptional customized outputs for the clients’ business quickly. Recently, Ravi and Nandini conducted a unique off-site retreat Workshop for Safari Industries Limited, a premier producer of luggage and backpacks. “We will continue to provide customized inputs and generate marketing solutions that suit their best needs along with hand-holding them whenever required,” Ravi concludes.