4 Wheel Travels: Enhancing the Joy of Travelling

Ashwin Jain, Founder & CEO

Ashwin Jain

Founder & CEO

Proprietor of a gigantic and luxurious car rental empire, Ashwin Jain has been dominating the industry for more than 30 years. The journey started off in the year 1981 when Late Mrs Anjana Jain and S M Jain laid the cornerstone of 4 Wheel Travels a pronounced car rental company that encompasses the widest range of cars and deals with top corporates and MNC's in India. Ashwin successfully carried this legacy forward, reaching new zeniths each day. "Our endeavour had been to give a new definition to the entire car rental ecosystem. Defying the stereotypical way, we created our own way of functioning. We have attempted to deliver value to the customers directly, enhancing their overall experience," states Ashwin Jain, Founder & CEO.

For years, the company has been putting forward premium cars and buses on rent. It has kept itself ahead of the pack by keeping fostering state of the art technology and offering vivid options of luxurious vehicles best suiting the requirement of the clients. "With this venture of ours, we basically provide staff transportation. We have on boarded about 300 partners and leveraged their trends and offerings. They refer to our clients who deliver the employee transportation services. In short, this is kind
of the business model we have made viral across the nation, and as an aggregator we are conferring such services on a large scale without any operators or contract holder involved," states he.

Perceiving the positive growth of the company, he decided to initiate another venture named Driven by You Mobility LLP with the intention to set hands on the self drive car rental arena. This firm is all for rendering supercars, bikes, self ride car rentals. Its popularity is further enhanced by its biker centric Cafe Driven Cafe. "At Driven, we deliver all types of transport. You name and we have it. Honda Activa, Triumph Rocket III, Ultra Cool bicycles are some amongst the many splendid branded vehicles that we offer. We dispense the services on a calculated and worthy price," avers he. Ashwin has also proposed on embarking on the last mile deliveries and on campus mobility. And to do so, he actuated EV.

4 Wheel Travels offers vivid options of luxurious vehicles best suiting the requirement of the clients

Reaching New Heights
Established about three decades ago, this empire has travelled a long way making significant headways. Setting about with only two cars, the company today has access to hundreds of vehicles, earning lucrative revenue. Driven on the other hand has been witnessing an organic growth. It is present in about six cities and aggregating about 180 vehicles ranging from Nano to Lamborghini. "We can rightly boast of the enormous progress observed in the last decades. Whether its 4 Wheel Travels or Driven, the overall value in on the rise," he adds.

The Future Endeavours
Team 4 Wheel Travels has remained relevant to the needs of its customers, a strategy which they consider to be the mantra of their significant success. It has become Hyderabad's number one car rental company. They aspire to maintain the supremacy and intend to direct Driven towards an organic growth, expecting to experience a 20 per cent year on year growth. The company aims to extend itself to more cities and attain a leading position across the nation. The roadmap for EV is already designed as it is all set to be launched in two verticals i.e. B2B and B2C in the near future. "We have already devised about 30,000 electrical vehicles which we plan to introduce very soon," he concludes.