4PZ: Driving the Standards of the Entire Indian Retial Marketing Consultancy Segment

Minal,  CEO



The branding consultants’ segment is showing immense growth potential with more and more businesses entering the stratum on a consistent basis, and in the years to come experts believe that branding and marketing through the traditional methods will give way to modern age tactics. The evolution of digital marketing has opened doors for many businesses to market their services creatively. Hiring a branding consultant gives an essential advantage, addressing the necessity of creating and offering shopping experiences that can have a positive impact on their client’s business. 4PZ Pvt Ltd. is one such pioneering branding consultant that strives hard to provide technologies and tools that allow brands to interact with, engage, and retain the right consumer by leveraging technologies. A very young firm, 4PZ provides marketing services like Retail Branding, Store Design & Execution, Visual Merchandising, Digital Marketing, and more. Even though the company was incepted in the month of April 2021 they have successfully delivered more than 80 stores to a brand.

Adding more about the inception story of the firm, Minal, CEO, 4PZ, says, “This idea was due for a long time, however, once I got the confidence of serving clients by providing solutions to almost each problem while performing certain campaigns, executing their VM's pan India, and by providing other marketing solutions, whilst working with a
well-known marketing agency, I was ready to introduce my own brand - 4PZ. With 4PZ, our focus is on Retail Branding, VM Design & Execution & Digital Marketing Solutions. Store Design, Rollouts are my flagship offering. We prioritize on offering customized solutions to the clients and that is what helps us to offer result oriented solutions. And, in this highly competitive market segment, this is one of the factors that helps us to stand out from the rest of the competition”.

We prioritize on offering customized solutions to the clients and that is what helps us to offer result oriented solutions

While talking more about their clients, Minaladds, “One of our biggest client's operations team (which currently owns more than 1000 stores in PAN INDIA) was juggling multiple vendors for their marketing needs like Retail branding. They wanted to have the most prominent facade signage in a COCO store in Kernel to claim their achievement. They used several vendors to complete this and somehow managed to make it. Still, the solution that 4PZ provided to create the second most enormous facade signage was way more cost-effective, modified, and long-lasting than the first one”.

At present, 4PZ is handling 80 percent of their retail marketing business pan - India.4PZ has reached the first milestone of one crore 1.5 turnover in just a few months of inception. The company started its first store in August and now has completed more than 80 stores ‘branding; they have reached a level where 4PZ handles 80 percent of the retail branding of a client. 4PZ is completing more than 80 stores of retail branding of Brands like Kelvinator, BPL & Lenskart (which comes under the Reliance umbrella) in December 2021. 4PZ has outperformed in providing Prestige with in-shop branding and is now flourishing in getting more from the brand.

Evolving with the changing needs, 4PZ is walking towards a shift in the market which minimizes the focus on traditional advertising, instead of using user data to make data-driven and consumer-oriented investments which includes their planning in investing in analytics, AI, VR, as well as other market automation tools. Going forward, 4PZ is continuing to focus on getting Gamification as one of its superior services and as an action 4PZ became one of the companies that have recently created its NFT, the first step towards Metaverse. The company’s vision is to become the Data-Driven Marketing agency that provides 360 marketing solutions to the brands and develop into pioneers in the segment.