5 Elements: Making Effulgence for New India

Sibasish Mishra,Founder & CEO

Sibasish Mishra

Founder & CEO

American clergyman and writer Maltbie Davenport Babcock once said, “Opportunities do not come with their values stamped upon them. Everyone must be challenged. A day dawns, quite like other days; in it a single hour comes, quite like other hours; but in that day and in that hour the chance of a lifetime faces us”. This quote flawlessly mirrors the entrepreneurial journey of Sibasish Mishra, a first generation entrepreneur, startup adviser and the Founder & CEO of 5 Elements. He encountered a prominent government official on his journey to Singapore, which in fact changed the course of his entrepreneurial journey from HR recruiting domain to IT services realm. Being a non IT personality, Sibasish transformed the challenges into opportunities and successfully bestowed a spotless presentation on the very next day where he sealed.

Today, his niche performance in IT has led the company to embrace 10 finest e-Governance organizations along with numerous IT services firms. Being an eminent player in the fields of global consulting, BPO and IT services, 5 Elements is renowned for its expertise in Technology, RPO, e-Governance, SEO, KPO. IT Service,
Strategy & Transformation, Systems Integration Consulting, JAVA, IoT, and many more in the pitch of technology.

The firm persistently offers solutions to customers across the U.S. market which includes Marvel, Intel, QUALCOMM, SanDisk and many more

Incepted in 2010, this IT services firm empowers industries to accomplish solidity and growth with an end goal of crafting the ecosystem that gears up the companies to succeed. The firm persistently offers solutions to customers across the U.S. market which includes Marvel, Intel, QUALCOMM, SanDisk and many more. Constantly craving for something good and new, 5 Elements is committed to provide an indomitable service in order to be a game changer in the industry. In fact, the company’s timely delivery, utilization of latest and highly memorable & secure data had sealed its business as one of the top IT services today.

Team above the Wheel

Driven by a team of enthusiastic human elements with 22 diverse expertises across IT, Engineering, HR and many more, 5 Elements inculcates a dynamic and energizing environment, which attempts to make its employee’s journey fun and exciting. Firmly footed with a flat hierarchy, the firm shapes its employees with the finest
leadership & training programmes and empowers them to work in a fast-paced environment,further more tries to energize them to proceed with their commitments inside and outside the workplace. Strongly believing in customers delight, 5 Elements also has a unique institutionalized employees training program to keep its employees abreast with developments including individual development as well.

Future Roadmap

Expanding its reach, 5 Elements aims to hire talents who are passionate in the field of IT and is looking forward for a funding to enhance Sales Force. “Unlike the olden days, a lot of infrastructure development and many other piles of things are heading in the right direction with a stable government in India. However, the hunt for talent, managing and retaining them would still remains as a huge challenge for all business leaders across industries,” says, Sibasish Mishra, Founder & CEO, 5 Elements. With an eye on the future recruitment automation and talent management market, the company is challenging the conventional database way of recruitment to amend to an open-source recruitment model with emphasis on the referral and social media recruitment. 5 Elements is coning IoT (Internet of Talents) which will offer end-to-end opensource solutions for talent management. The company is also launching has a flagship product a complete talent management solution for MSMEs and Large corporations.