8 Bit Media: Creative, Instinctual & Analytical Digital Platform

(L to R) Himanshu Parmekar & Mikhail Pinto,Co-FoundersThe love for advertising and communication is what Himanshu Parmekar and Mikhail Pinto have in common. Both of them have been plugged into the Internet and social media since the digital communication industry exploded onto the scene. The duo witnessed a lot of people following the crowd when it came to adopting digital strategies. Agencies were either putting emphasis on strategy, Data analytics or solely creative communications when it came to planning campaigns but only a few were focusing on all the pillars. Also, having worked in bigger agencies in the past, they sensed there was a lot of room for improvement in the way clients small to mid-level were serviced for digital marketing. This fuelled the ideation of 8 Bit Media. A strategically designed and digitally navigated consultancy firm, 8 Bit Media empower brands to be digitally sound and prominent with their approach. As a digitally navigated consultancy firm, 8 Bit Media puts a brand on the map with great strategic insight. “We drive your brand to its full potential with insights. We provide direction and vision with a digital perspective,” mentions Himanshu Parmekar, Co-founder.
8 Bit Media deems strategy as their core ingredient and the key driver of any campaign planning. Throwing light on, Himanshu adds, “Content creation, website development, native content advertising, media planning & buying, search engine optimisation, online reputation management and video production in a larger scope all stem from what the plan demands. Data driven planning and a level of personalized service have allowed us to carve a niche in the market. Our clients include individuals, tech focused start-ups, not for profit organisations, restaurants, MNC’s and theme parks. The need for digital is growing and everyone can benefit from it in some way or the other. I would say think of digital as a canvas and leave it up to us to paint the right picture”.

8 Bit Media has been engrossed in delivering personalized services, treating the client’s brand like their own and giving them the time they deserve.

Distinctive Approaches for Distinctive Brands
That the approaches adhered by team 8 Bit Media have been beneficial to their clients in many ways is exemplified by the confidence and support they have shown by standing by them since its inception back in 2015. “That says we are doing some thing right.Our flagship offering-providing whole some and all-encompassing digital strategy!” he says.
The company has been engrossed in delivering personalized services, treating the client’s brand like their own and giving them the time they deserve. “We have always believed keeping our clients happy is more important than rapid expansion. We have a firm belief that the difference in our approach in terms of the plan, quality of service and more importantly the impacts of it will be felt over a long period of time. Eventually your clients become your biggest sales team and endorsers. I believe in it!” he further adds.

The Journey so Far
Fortunate enough to gather first few clients in no time, 8 Bit Media as a business has organically grown over the years. The aim is to be multi-city to start with. But that does not stop them from working with clients from other cities outside Mumbai. In fact, they are working with clients from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore currently.

Speaking about the contribution they tend to make in the social media marketing space, Himanshu enthusiastically mentions, “I see a lot of players pitching social media to brands without understanding the pure existence or ethos of the brand. And somewhere I envy traditional advertising teams because they are more immersed into the brands than many digital agencies. Luckily, understanding a brand from its core has been the token that I and my partner Mikhail carry from the very beginning of our careers, a decade ago. And to marry that into our digital marketing space will be 8 Bit Media’s contribution in the years to come”.