Aagneya Advertising: Building Brands with Creativity & Innovation

Vishal N. Ahuja, Business Head,Shweta Ahuja, Executive Creative Director
Vishal N. Ahuja, Business Head
Shweta Ahuja, Executive Creative Director

The story of Aagneya Advertising is that of pure passion for advertising, selfless zeal and utter optimism. It is an outcome of the belief that states, creativity has the power to change the world. “We live in a world full of challenges like crime, education disparity, materialism, shifting economy and more. It’s the responsibility of advertisers and advertising to reach out in subliminal contexts fuelling solutions, making the world a better place. That’s what Aagneya is working towards,” speaks Shweta Ahuja, Executive Creative Director, Aagneya Advertising.

Aagneya is a concept that took shape overnight. The brother-sister duo realized a dream that never existed. Encouraged by the trust, conviction, and support of her two very special mentors from the client side, Shweta decided to take the plunge. And Vishal joined in as early as naming the agency, which
goes to his credit, diving straight
into the roller-coaster ride. “Aagneya is balanced by a strong creative heart and a sharp strategic mind,” Shweta quotes.

"A new-age agency with excellent advertising insights,Aagneya is balanced by a strong creative heart and a sharp strategic mind "
An anew-age agency with excellent advertising insights, Aagneya has been successfully functioning over the years and is blessed with trust and respect from its clients. “Right from a creative print ad, to out of the box product ideas or for that matter strategy born out of cross-category and global market experiences – it’s been a commendable journey till now for us where our clients have contributed with full enthusiasm. The learning graph has helped us towards not only our business goals but personal growth as well,” says Vishal.

The role of any good advertising agency is to build cohesive and effective brands, bring organizations closer to their customers and audience, and help drive sales through awareness. This is what team Aagneya strives to deliver consistently. As Ruthless Thoroughbreds, the company’s values are a concoction of some interesting ingredients. A few of which are passion, love, honesty, transparency, and integrity.
The team perceives the agency as offering communication solutions and beyond. While their core skills focus on marketing and communication, they are a media agnostic agency with an integrated approach – strongly believing in 'collaboration and everything is possible' approach. “Our customer profiling is pretty clear in our heads. Someone having a vision, tons of passion and ambitions, courage to take the leap and wanting to deliver and get results. It is not just about how much money they have or have not, it is about how much courage and intelligence they have to use it. From big brands to young ventures, we look for visionaries because life is too short for anything less,” she adds.

Exploring Possibilities has no end
In a span of three years, Aagneya has recorded a phenomenal 4 times growth in terms of revenue, manpower and clients. Also, they have partnered with some big brands in the industry. Aagneya is presently headquartered in Delhi/NCR and has plans to open branch offices in other cities including Bengaluru and Mumbai. “We also have Thoroughbreds vision to go international in the coming years,” she further adds. Breaking the clutter with creativity and innovation, Aagneya’s strategy is to be ever evolving and never stop learning.