Aarav Cares: Improving Quality of Life

Ravi Kishor Agrawal, Founder
Ravi Kishor Agrawal
The best ventures come about to fill a need. Their inspiration tends to come from facing a problem and realizing that a solution doesn't exist yet, or creating a demand for a service people need but didn't even know they wanted. That's how innovative businesses like these taste success-from finding the right idea,to team dynamics and the constant learning. The founding story of Aarav Cares is based on similar lines. A gold medalist in Pharmacy, Ravi Kishor Agrawal,well versed with the field of medicine had a thorough knowledge about the spurious drugs hazardous to health that are supplied through current online pharmacies. He zeroed in upon Aarav Cares ensuring that the medicines dispensed and delivered through the online platform are methodically checked by pharmacists. Aarav Cares is India’s first online pharmacy offering Pharmacist Centric Model where the registered Pharmacist are involved from own,order, digitize, dispense and delivery of the medicines.“Unlike others,we have a registered firm, well-equipped warehouse facility as per the norms and policies of SFDA and highly experienced staff members, qualified with pharma and healthcare intellects. We stand for affordability, accessibility, reliability, affability and value,”informs Ravi.

The company believes in providing
affordable medical services which are accessible and reliable for every individual who is looking for an affable and valuable service
provider. Team Aarav Cares leave no stone unturned to supply quality medicines and healthcare products that are duly tested at every stage by Quality Assurance and Quality Check department of the manufacturer to ensure the highest quality of the medicines. Through their internal scrutiny system to validate the background of the distributors, suppliers, stockists, the team selects authorized distributors, suppliers, stockists of the companies and procures the products from them. “We procure products from various multinational and domestic companies whose facilities are certified as per WHO GMP/ISO,” says Ravi.

"Aarav Cares strives to improve the health-related quality of life of every individual by providing distinct healthcare solutions and kind services to the community"

Just like any other online pharmacy in terms of services, Aarav Cares strives to improve the health-related quality of life of every individual by providing distinct healthcare solutions and kind services to the community. As far its Report repository services are concerned, there is comparatively less popular due to more customer inclination towards the Digi locker from Government of India. Through its Medical Values services, it addresses the need of the patients when they are in a travelling mode.“We provide end to end service for the patients who need to travel to tier 1-2 cities for better treatment. From the booking of hotels, cabs, travel we do appointment bookings and help to look for the better options among hospitals and doctors,” he explains.

Other than these, the company with its new venture named Aarav Cares Consulting (ACC)has been able to make footprints in consulting. With the unique concept of Crowdsourcing in Outsourcing(CiO), ACC does
market research and analysis for different vendors who want their objectives to be met. “Our services provide actionable insights from market data and industry expert insights which can be directly consumed to formulate strategy. We make things simpler for huge data analysis and viewing. Our services operationalize the complete healthcare commercial analytics services required by client to increase and maintain the market share in competitive market. Key consulting services include data analytics, forecasting, CI, and primary and secondary market research,” he adds.

Raj Kishor Agrawal,
The company has been able to successfully bagged projects from top CRO companies such as F&S, SVR, Pharm Scroll and SBR.

Exploring Endless Possibilities
Headquartered in Raipur, Aarav Cares has offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad and has recently moved to Pune. From 2016-2018, the company has recorded an exponential doubt digit growth rate and continues the trend with its well-planned activities. Mentored by Mr. Naval Kishor Agrawal(Father, LLB-Gold), and Mr.Raj Kishor Agrawal(Elder Brother, CA-Inter), the team has achieved desirable results and has carved a niche in the space. “Till date, we have registered the growth with our own capital involved but now with CiO, we might need an investor who can help us really in scaling up the things,” concludes Ravi on a positive note.