Aarohan Healthcare Services: Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Bharat Radhakrishnan, FounderThe Indian healthcare industry is experiencing a rapid change and has become one of India’s largest sectors. Though this change has been underway for many years it has become significantly visible in the last decade, with a renewed thrust from both the government and a growing market for healthcare services and products. Despite the growth, there persist challenges in the market related to accessibility, affordability and awareness. Most of these problems come from the lack of adequate support for both patients and healthcare organizations. This has shown up in the form of lack of adequate coverage with insurance and providers, as well as in the tasks required for those providing healthcare. Gurugram based Aarohan Healthcare Services understands this and has tailor made its verticals to address these issues with a focus on Consultancy, Marketing & Branding, Creative & Digital, Nursing, Capability Building, Training, Technology and Wellness Solutions. The company has further built specific products and services under each of these heads to address the various challenges faced by healthcare providers.

Aarohan Healthcare Services offers customized products and services in the healthcare domain for domestic and international markets. The portfolio ranges from Advisory and Execution to 360-degree marketing Solutions and Services Nursing
Management and Solutions to Wellness Services and e-Health. Ornately, the company works as an Integrated Marketing partner and handle everything from Strategy, Planning to Execution, working as an insourced partner with the hospital teams. It also owns a creative and digital ad agency named BHAAV to provide complete support in Creative Designing and Digital Services including Print, Outdoor, Videos, Website & Social Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM). In terms of nursing solutions, Aarohan provides A to Z of nursing be it recruitment, training, mentoring, processes, commissioning, capability building or technology tools and skill labs. “In the coming years, we wish to focus on delivering innovative and practical technology solutions to address the gaps in the delivery models and bridge the challenges in terms of quantity and quality of manpower available,” explicates says Bharat Radhakrishnan, Founder & Managing Partner, Aarohan Healthcare Services.

Aarohan Healthcare Services offers customized products and services in the healthcare domain for domestic and international markets

The Silver Lining
The concept of Aarohan Healthcare sprouted with a simple idea of creating a venture that would act as a value added partner to healthcare companies. The idea was put into practice with a group of subject matter experts who understand the dynamics and subtleties of Healthcare, and can work closely with the teams in the hospital to deliver value for them and their stakeholders be it patients, doctors, nurses, the management or even outsourced staff. The company houses an industry experienced team who can help bring about real change as a neutral entity, thus allowing clients to realize their true potential and deliver a superior experience to them. “We believe in treating our client’s brand like ours that then creates ownership, accountability and passion that is difficult to match. We are in the Services business, so the ability to execute with excellence is what creates the differentiation. If we couple that with the actual operational experience that we have in the team, ensures that we can identify practical solutions to real life problems,”he asserts.

Surpassing the conventional business hurdles, Aarohan Healthcare has steadily grown over the years to be known as a brand that stands for excellence and expertise in Healthcare. “We are looking at constantly innovating in our thought processes and delivery, adding to our team and expanding our operating geographies,” he concludes.