Abhijeet Dies & Tools: Leveraging Four Decades of Experience for Innovative High Quality Mould Making

Abhijeet Dies & Tools, TeamThe mould making business in India has grown over time and is now a significant contributor to the Indian economy. Most manufacturing sectors, such as auto components, packaging, plastics, electronics, electrical, healthcare, and machine tools, rely heavily on dies and moulds. Besides, the growing middle class population and increasing disposable incomes of people are attracting many players to expand their operations in the country, which is positively influencing the growth of the market in focus. The major challenges in the mould making business is to meet global quality standards and the lead time. Further, the major expectation of the client is to have good quality tools at optimum cost with the lowest manufacturing timeline. Also, it is very crucial to design solutions that can meet fit and finish requirements to their optimum.

Abhijeet Dies & Tools is a robust and vibrant firm with 35+ years of demonstrated evidence of its efficacy and quality service in Mould making with great design and production skills. The firm is supported by a world class tooling factory capable of producing injection moulds up to 2800T. Furthermore, the company's superior know how and expertise in plastic extrusion blow mould & moulded components production up to 150 Ltr has given it the necessary advantage in the industry today. Abhijeet Dies & Tools specializes in vehicle interior trimmings such as Pillar Trims, Floor Consoles, Tailgate Trims, IP Child Parts, and exterior trims such as door and wheel arch Claddings Outer Pillar Trims, and Bumper & Grill Child Parts.

Abhijeet group focus on the first time right approach by minimizing the number of trial

which helps in reducing the lead time to customer. They are one-stop-solution in plastic mould making components, Assemblies & supply with more than three decades of experience. The company has always focused on devising solutions to ensure that the components meet the customer’s design for manufacturability requirements.

Offering Quality Deliverability
To maintain strict quality standards, Abhijeet Dies & Tools ensures the right grade of steel selection as per plastic raw material and surface finish requirements, use of TGR/TGW to every project before tool kicks off for the first time right approach, involvement of die makers, tool room engineers & CFT in tool design reviews to minimize the tool design errors/ improvement, and CMM/ Inspection at every manufacturing stage to restrict faulty machining.

“One stop solution in plastic mould making, components,Assemblies & supply with more than three decades of experience

“When it comes to leveraging technology, we utilize conformal cooling technology which is based on 3D Metal printing. Furthermore, the utilization of high speed EDM, double head EDM, and gun drilling equipment provides increased production and efficiency” Says Abhijeet Raut Director. The firm has been producing zero parting line tools (ZPL) as well as matching parting line tools (MPL). The company has completed its first Rear Door Trim Project successfully.

Currently, it is focusing on Big Size Tooling and has been upgrading its capability to manufacture hardened tools. Further, Abhijeet Dies & Tools is exploring various options for adopting all futuristic technologies. Some of its major OEM clients include Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India and Mahindra & Mahindra Farm/Auto Sector, Hero Motocorp, Suzuki Motorcycles, VW, FIAT Chrysler, Bluestar, Corob, Sekisui DLJM, Faurecia India, Yanfeng India, Tata Auto Comp,IAC, SACL among others.

“Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India awarded us the best supplier award in the Dies & Tools category in F21, F17, and F15. M&M has also given us a supplier excellence award. We are now investing in good quality Big Size machines, as well as upgrading our existing CNC & EDM machines. In addition, we are implementing new technologies in tool production, such as Hot & Cold and Mucell Technology. And working on the strategies towards the mould categories that are mostly imported from China, Korea, and other countries,” concludes Nikhil Raut, Director.